Alice isn't Dead

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            Alice should be dead, but she isn’t. After seeing Alice on TV, alive and well, Alice’s anxiety ridden wife becomes a truck driver to travel across the states in

hopes of finding her. On her trek through America, Alice’s wife soon finds that she is not the only person hoping to find Alice. Grotesque monsters that work for a trucking company named ‘Thistle’ are looking for her as well. Alice isn’t dead, but if her wife does not find her before the Thistle men do, Alice might be lost forever.

              “Alice isn’t Dead” is a fictional podcast produced by Night Vale Presents and created by Joseph Fink. The podcast offers an interesting perspective on storytelling in today’s media. Unlike most podcasts that are usually formatted like weekly talk shows discussing a singular topic of interest, “Alice isn’t Dead” takes a unique turn by telling a story like an audio book. This style is much like Fink’s other podcast, “Welcome to Nightvale,” which is about a fictional desert town that attracts supernatural forces.

              Representation always plays a factor in Night Vale Presents, as their stories always feature a wide variety of characters with different backgrounds, disabilities and cultures. “Alice isn’t Dead” is no exception. Alice’s wife is not only a woman of color, but also a lesbian who has severe anxiety that prevents her from living a normal life at times. They have also brought in a mentally ill character named Sylvia, a girl who just lost her mother to the Thistle men.

              Representation is important to to a media’s audience because it helps them make a connection with the characters that are leading them through the story. When a listener can connect with a character, they not only feel appreciated because they have someone else who suffers the same problems, but also feel more inclined to stay tuned to see how the character will overcome their flaws.

              While the representation is phenomenal in “Alice isn’t Dead,” what is even more astounding is the small team that has brought this show to life. With only three members on the crew, the team behind “Alice isn’t Dead” has produced a professional and well-voiced podcast.

              Creator and writer, Fink co-runs Night Vale Presents and helps produce other shows such as the internet success “Welcome to Night Vale.” Fink has teamed with the band Disparition. Disparition has created the music for both “Welcome to Night Vale” and “Alice isn’t Dead” while also releasing their individual albums. Actor and artist Jasika Nicole, the voice of the narrator, brings the world of “Alice isn’t Dead” to life.

              Already the show is being adapted into print and TV. Harper Perennial has teamed with Night Vale Presents to create an “Alice isn’t Dead” novel, which will be written by Fink and released in the fall of 2018. There will also be a TV adaptation of the podcast that will be produced by NBC. Night Vale Presents has since moved the episodes to different media outlets like Apple Podcast, SoundCloud and Spotify for free. The show currently is using Patreon to fund season three and its full release.

            “Alice isn’t Dead” is a well put together podcast that has already become an internet sensation. The ability to communicate such a large and intricate story just through audio shows the talent and effort put in by Fink, Nicole and Disparition. The show has a promising future that fans can personally support. The eerie story of what lurks on the roads is one that will be haunting fans for a long time. This free podcast is definitely worth checking out for fans of cosmic and lovecraftian horror.