Letter From A Leader (10/05/18)

Posted 11:53 PM


Dear Warriors,


      It is an incredible honor to be asked to share these words with you.  I have been so blessed to have this as my thirteenth year here at Warren, teaching the greatest students in the world.  Please know this is not just lip service, there is no one else I would rather teach. The diversity, strength and passion of my students is second to none.

      One of the reasons I decided to become a teacher was to try to instill into my students qualities necessary for success after high school.  I am not a fan of saying you are “just kids,” but instead, I look at you as “almost adults.” I would like to share what I believe to be some of the most important characteristics a successful Warrior should have.

      First, please do not let anyone tell you that you do not have big problems.  I know we adults like to romanticize how nice it is to be a high-schooler without all of the bills, families to support, etc. The truth is, what you are going through now is a big deal simply because you feel it is.  It is these things you are going through now that prepare you for whatever will come at you later. So, if you need to cry over that boy or girl who is not treating you right, or be mad at the crazy workload you have, or feel confused over decisions about college and the future, then take a second to do that.  But, after that second is over, I want you to look at that problem straight on and say “but that is not going to stop me.” Remember Warriors, greatness is achieved by overcoming adversity. Meet that challenge head on and become the conquerors I know you to be.

      Second, be thankful for your mistakes.  I have so many proud students that have the worst time admitting when they are wrong.  Being wrong is the single most necessary step to you becoming the person you deserve to be.  When that mistake hits, admit it (growth of accountability), figure out who your mistake affected (growth of a social conscious) and correct it (growth of integrity).  If you take on this world being a person of integrity who thinks of others and is willing to admit and correct their mistakes, then you are ahead of a lot of “adults” I know who are not going forward in their lives.  

      Finally, learn to love.  That seems cliche, but do we really understand what that means?  It means we forgive, no matter the cost. It means we care for others MORE than we care for ourselves.  It means we enter into situations with reckless abandon to make sure the needs of those around us are met.  And it means we risk never getting that love in return but continuing to do it anyway. Do not base your life on what others do for you.  The only thing that counts is who you become, and the actions you choose to do. Love is not a business deal, and it is not a compromise. It is a gift, and gifts are not given to be repaid.  I do promise you this, though, all that love you give will bring a joy to you that was not given by anyone or anything else in the world, and the world will never be able to take that joy away.

      Warriors, it has been an honor and blessing to be allowed to write this for you.  Thank you for inspiring me to be the best teacher I can be every single day. I love you.