Limetown Mystifies Listeners

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      Ten years ago, a small town in Tennessee was subject to a horrid series of events that lead to the disappearance of over a hundred men, women and children. No one knows what occurred that night the citizens of Limetown went missing. 

       Investigative journalist Lia Haddock has lived her whole life wondering what happened in Limetown, especially since her uncle disappeared with the other citizens. Lia takes it upon herself to investigate the stories of former Limetown residents that have come out of hiding. The further she explores the mystery, Lia realizes that no one actually disappeared all, they were kidnapped. 

     “Limetown,” created by Two-Up productions, is a fantastic action podcast that utilizes the podcast platform to tell an interesting story. By telling the story through a series of eye witness interviews through Lia Haddock, voiced by Annie- Sage Whitehurst, Two-Up productions have created a realistic story while also keeping the sci-fi themes. Two-Up understands the importance of characters and plot detail. The intricate plot is carefully woven through the course of six episodes and leaves no room for plot holes or questions. 

     The story also features a strong female lead. Lia Haddock is headstrong and will stop at nothing to solve the mystery of Limetown. She is a good example of a female lead, because we get to see how she will stop at nothing to gure out what happened to the missing people. She does not need assistance to accomplish her goal, she solves it by herself. 

     However, Lia Haddock is not the only strong and well developed character we get to see. Deirdre Wells, the wife of Limetown’s cofounder, is a complex character who relays the story of what happened the night everyone went missing, the night she calls ‘The Panic.’ Deirdre is torn between her feelings of what she did in Limetown and the need for justice, but also between forgetting Limetown and living a life without ever remembering it again. 

     Max Finlayson is another well developed character that makes the reader contemplate what they would have done in Limetown and how they would have survived ‘The Panic.’ Max has no regrets about what he did in Limetown and to its citizens. Max, unlike his wife, is uncaring and lighthearted. 

     The interviews with these characters only add to the intense atmosphere the story holds. The characters are well voiced and Whitehurst brings the serious tone that the story needs. However, her strict tone sometimes interferes with the emotional parts of the story. The heavy narrative can be ruined when she fails to deliver her lines with the emotional tone the story calls for. In addition, the story is split into six episodes with ve minute clips in between episodes that have important plot inside of them. It would be easier for both the creators and the listeners if the clips were thrown in with the episode so that no one has to wait for the clip to buffer. It would also be easier because the mini episodes do not seem important at first glance and some will miss out on important plot points.All in all, “Limetown” is an interesting podcast that has great potential. Not only from its plot, but from the characters as well. It has something for everyone from its female leads down to the voice actors themselves. “Limetown” completely free to listen on Apple Podcasts and the Limetown website. It is a good listen for those who love mystery, science action and intense dramas.