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     Cafe Cabaret will take place at 6:00 p.m. today in the Performing Arts Center and should be a major success. While the event was only started two years ago, it has already gained a considerable amount of dedicated fans who enjoy coming to the event and hearing all the talent that Warren has to offer.

     “We're expecting a lot of great talent!  This is one of my favorite events that we put on every year.  We get a chance to see the huge variety of talent,” theatre teacher Jeffrey Dalstrom said.

     The event will consist of instrumentals, vocalists, comedy acts and dancing. Acts will range from everything from solo acts to duets to acts of even larger groups. This wide variety of performances greatly increases the appeal of the show and makes it a more enjoyable event for the audience.

     “I'm looking forward to the talent that we have. I've seen what some people are capable of and am excited to see it,” senior Richaun Stewart said.

     While the Cabaret is mainly about the students expressing their talents, another factor of  the event is the audience. To have a group of students and adults alike come together and support the performing students, creating a fun environment, is unique.

     “The atmosphere is really chill. There's no drama, no rude people, it's just something great to do. There's food, entertainment and good vibes all around. It's something that you do not want to miss,” Stewart said.

     Another favorable aspect of Cafe Cabaret is watching and listening to the students who have waited until that moment to express their skills and talent to others.

     “I'm excited for the unknown students. Those students that have a talent they haven't shared with the world yet.  I'm most excited for those,” Dalstrom said.

     Cafe Cabaret is more than just a place for students to showcase their talents though, for some, it is a place where they can share their story and express their emotions. It is their time to prove to the world that they are more than than others believe.

     “I will be performing an original monologue and an a cappella mashup. I’m doing it for a couple of reasons. The first is a tribute to my grandfather who died earlier this year and the second is to show that I do more than just sing,” junior Ischela Keeylen said.

     The purpose of the event is to celebrate the wide range of talent that the students have, but there is also a competitive side to the family fun event. Ten to fifteen awards are given out every year for prizes such as the best duets, the most entertaining, the best of each category and the most surprising performance. This competitive side of the competition also adds its own flair to the show and gives others more reasons to come and watch.

     “More people should come to the show because the performing arts aren't really as spotlighted as much as other sports and clubs and we have so much talent,” Stewart said.

     The event will take place later today, December 14, in the Performing Arts center.

     “I believe people should come see Cafe Cabaret this year because there are so many talented people at this school that go unnoticed. The students and staff in the drama department have put in a lot of work to make this night happen and it always turns out amazing,” Keeylen said.



     After a successful fall musical, the Warren Central Theater Department is headed straight into working on their winter play, “Julius Caesar.”

     This Shakespearean tragedy portrays the homecoming of a successful general named Julius Caesar who is targeted for murder by Caius Cassius, with support from the well-respected Marcus Brutus for “the good of the Republic.” Although a political thriller, “Julius Caesar” cast members promise an amazing show.

     “I think that the Winter play will be one of the more complex shows we have done at Warren, with a lot of intricate relationships,” senior Kylee Brewster said. “Shakespeare wrote each individual character for a specific purpose and that really is going to shine through in our show.”

     Warren’s theater department plans to add a more modern feel to the play, which was originally debuted in the 1500’s. To do this, the show’s set, props and costumes are being specifically designed to fit Warren’s version of the tragedy.

     “Although this play is about Julius Caesar, it will be given a modern feel instead of ancient,” junior Logan Burgess said. “The sets and costumes won't quite look historical.”

     In preparation for the Winter play, cast members are participating in daily rehearsals in which they read through the script and learn their blocking. An important component of these rehearsals is working on understanding the Shakespearean language in order to comprehend what is being said at all times.

     “Apart from rehearsing, I've been researching my character, because Brutus was a real person,” Brewster said. “I think if I understand him and his story, I'll do the part more justice.”

     The “Julius Caesar” cast and directors agree that this is a show Warren students should not miss. The show promises not only plenty of action and drama, but also a new life to an old play.

     “Students should come see the play, not only because it will be educational in both history and literature, but also because it will also be very engaging,” Burgess said. “Even though Shakespeare has a reputation of being boring, the actors know how to make it entertaining with all the fantastic energy they have.”

     “Julius Caesar” will premiere in the Warren Central auditorium on Feb. 7, with two more shows on Feb. 8 and 9, all at 7 p.m. Tickets will be available for $10.


  • Joreylis Montgomery

     The year of 2018 has been historical for Warren Central High School. From earning multiple accolades to welcoming new leaders, this year has been nothing short of astonishing. The school has given the community enough accomplishments to talk about for a lifetime over the span of just 12 months. People have called Warren Central the “Pride of the Eastside” for years, but this year,  the school has exceeded that title.


January 19, 2018- Junior wrestler Alise Terhune wins state.


     Terhune was one of the first state champions to win the tournament, beating then freshman- Leah Bishop from Highland High School 11-1, in major decision, for the title. She was a sophomore when she became the first female wrestling state champion in school history by winning the Indiana High School Girls Wrestling State Finals. This was the first Indiana High School Girls Wrestling state tournament ever.


February 24th, 2018- Warren Central girls basketball wins state.


     The Warren Central girls basketball program made headlines when they overcame a .7 percent chance of winning the state title. They defeated the Lady Eagles from Zionsville High School 50-46, earning the first state championship in girls basketball in school history. During this historical achievement, their head coach, Stacy Mitchell, also became the first black head coach to ever win the title in Indiana.


March 24th, 2018- Warren Central boys basketball wins state.


     Warren Central saw Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the second time this year when the boys basketball team overcame the Carmel High School Greyhounds 54-48, finishing their sensational undefeated season. They are the first basketball team in Indiana to ever go 32-0 and were the first undefeated team that Indiana has seen since 2009. Warren Central swept up both the boys and girls state titles in basketball this year, becoming the first to ever achieve this in the 4A class, the biggest high school class in the state tournament.


July 30th, 2018- Tim Hanson takes over as Warren Central’s new superintendent.


     With the retirement of Dena Cushenberry, Warren Central’s new superintendent, Tim Hanson, took over at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. Under Hanson’s new leadership, Warren Central started the school year with a new cohort system in place. It planned for counselors and deans to stay with a graduating class for all four years and to “graduate” with these students when they graduate. Furthermore, he introduced a superintendent-student advisory board, where students of all high school levels were brought in to share experiences with Hanson so he can help improve the high school experience for all students. Throughout the year, he has worked on building the relationship between students and faculty members.


October 27th, 2018- Warren Central Gold Brigade wins the Scholastic Class A State Finals.


     Last year, the Gold Brigade won the first marching band state championship in school history and defended their title for the first time during the 2018-2019 school year. Their performance of “Mirror Mirror” won them third at a competition in Chicago, and at all of their competitions in Indiana. The Gold Brigade swept all of the first-place trophies and side accolades that came with it.


November 8th, 2018- Warren Central senior Destiny Hatcher and alumni Brandon Warren travelled to Costa Rica to continue their journey to end gun violence.


     Hatcher and Warren were invited to speak and stay with Nobel Peace Prize winners Jody Williams and Oscar Arias for three days to learn how to continue to make a change in their community, continue their WeLive movement and make more strides to end violence by reaching out to the youth, the leaders of tomorrow. Warren was the founder of a club at Warren Central called WeLive that caught steam last year. WeLive focuses on a youth-led movement to end violence, particularly gun-violence.


November 23rd, 2018- Warren Central football wins state


     At Lucas Oil Stadium, the Warren Central football team won their ninth state championship in school history. The Warriors finished their season with a record of 14-0, becoming the first school to ever dominate both the basketball and football titles in the same schedule year. One of the most notable individual achievements came from senior wide-receiver David Bell, who became the first athlete to ever win a football and basketball undefeated state championship.




null     The sixth annual Warren Central Black and Gold pageant was held Monday Dec. 3 in the Warren Performing Arts Center.

     The event was sponsored by art teacher LaTonya Mason, who was part of the original council that created the event six years ago.

     “We wanted to promote school spirit and thought this would be an excellent way to encourage the student body,” Mason said.

     The contestants were judged on how they presented themselves, how they answered interview questions and their knowledge of both Warren Central history and current events. The winning contestants earned scholarship money for college. Clubs and groups throughout Warren Central sent representatives to compete in the pageant.

     Junior Sarah Starks took home the crown for Ms. Black and Gold this year. Starks began preparing for the pageant two weeks in advance to study her Warren Central history in order to  do well in the history portion of the pageant.

     “I was very surprised and shocked to win. I didn’t think that I would win, especially as a junior, so when I heard my name called, I really went into shock,” Starks said. “I was just really honored to be chosen to represent the school as Ms. Black and Gold.”

     Senior Chrishaun Johnson won the crown for Mr. Black and Gold. Similar to Starks, Johnson created flashcards in advance to study for the history portion of the pageant.

     “Honestly it was exciting,” Johnson said. “It was an amazing first time experience.”

     The Black and Gold pageant looks to be a fixture that will continue for more years to come with the enjoyment that those involved get out of it.

     “The students have so much fun together. I love the way they encourage one another,” Mason said.


null      The Warren Central Art Department held their annual Winter Showcase in the Warren Performing Art Center on December 5th from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., showcasing art from the AP art class and photographs from the Warren Central photography club.

      The artists from the AP art class and photography club selected pieces that they have done this semester to display in the art show. These pieces are meant to showcase the skills and abilities of the artists in the Fine Arts Department.

      The pieces displayed in the art show spanned a wide variety of mediums and topics. Many of the pieces were traditional art, using mediums such as watercolor paint, acrylic paint, colored pencil and charcoal. There were 3D mediums featured in the show as well. There was also an entire section dedicated to the creative and aesthetic photos taken by members of the Warren Central Photography Club. The work showcased showed off the creativity and skills of many Warren Central students.

      Students in the AP art class and many members of the Warren Central photography club attended the event and even greeted the guests who came to see the art show. Snacks and drinks were served to attendees as well.

      This year, there were two tables full of art pieces being sold. The items ranged from art on small canvases or full works, such as acrylic pores. The money earned from the sales of these pieces went toward the AP art class’ annual spring field trip.    

      The art show remained on display for that Wednesday evening and Thursday, but had to be taken down early.  Some of the works can still be viewed in the glass showcase window in the E hallway, though, for those who missed the art show.

      This art show is the first of two annual art shows that the Fine Art Department holds, the second of which is the Spring Art Show. These art shows are a way to show off the works of the talented students in the Fine Arts Department.


null     On Friday, Dec. 7, Warren Central High School hosted their annual Children’s Christmas Party in the Commons. Each year, student council selects ten students from each of the nine elementary schools whose family is unable to provide them a Christmas.

     “We’ve grown up in the community,” student council social media officer Hayla Schutt said. “Giving back to them is really important and it helps us to build a connection as well.”

     Various clubs and teachers from across the Warrior Nation are assigned a child to “adopt” for the holiday season and are given a form based on the child’s interests and needs. The form can include anything from the child’s favorite colors and television characters to their clothing sizes or even specific items that they need, so items are tailored to the child’s liking. The minimum contribution for each class is 100 dollars, but many go above and beyond that amount.

     “Every child deserves a happy Christmas,” secretary Joreylis Montgomery said. “It’s our job as the student body to provide that for them.”

     Planning for the Christmas party took place over the past two months during student council meetings and class periods. The party featured a variety of activities for the kids and class representatives such as coloring, decorating cookies, music and a Christmas-themed movie.

     “My favorite part [about the party] is seeing the smile on the kids’ faces,” student council activity coordinator Destiny Hatcher said.

     The event lasted for two and a half hours, during which children were invited to have fun with the student representatives from each class and organization that contributed. The children were welcome to explore the area and even visit Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their elves who brought extra joy to the party.

     “We help out in the places that we can to help better our community,” student council assistant Octavian Gill said.

     Student Council members brought in Capri-Suns, snacks and icing for points to contribute to the party. Members also filled in whenever a child did not have a student rep. The dress code for the event was Christmas styled clothes.

     “Being able to help out with the kids is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season,” Montgomery said.