Putting for birdies

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      Although the Warren Central girls golf team was unable to place due to lack of members, they still are proud of this season and looking forward to next one.

      “My overall thoughts on the season are that it was really good. It taught me things I need to work on and help grow throughout the rest of my high school career,” sophomore Ella Qualkenbush said.

      While the team did have a successful season in the ways they were able to, they were still greatly disappointed that they had nothing to show for their success.

      “I wish we could have been able to place in invitationals and tournaments, but we did not have enough players to qualify, which was definitely a downer,” freshman Samantha Gutzwiller said.

      Despite the unfortunate disqualifications, the Warriors are already looking forward to next season and planning on having major successes.

      “My expectations for next season are to continue to grow in my game of golf. I want to come back stronger and a lot more confident in the shots that I struggled with this season,” Qualkenbush said.

      The team has been practicing hard and says that one of the main sources for their success is their coach, Steve Seibel.

      “We usually just go out and play on the course and try to work out our kinks, and sometimes we get one on one practice with Steve where he critiques and helps better our swings with tips and examples,” Gutzwiller said.

      The Warriors believe that in order to succeed next year, than they will have to put in more work than they put in this year.

      “In order to accomplish these expectations, we need to start practicing even earlier in the year. We usually start practice in the summer, but I know that last year one of our teammates, Ella, practiced with the boy's team during their spring season, and I think that could help us a lot,” junior Victoria McDougal said.

      The golfers are all very close together and are proud to be on the same team with one another. They are extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been able to play with each other.

      “There's a really great atmosphere between all of my teammates. We bonded a lot this season and I'm really glad that I have such a supportive team to play with,” Qualkenbush said.

      This is mainly because they all have the same mentality, while winning is fun, they just want to go out and enjoy the sport and each other.

      “Our main values are really just to go out there, give it our all, and go home smiling. We just want to play the sport and enjoy ourselves,” Gutzwiller said.

      The girls are now fully focused on next season and hope that they can find another member, so they can finally show off their success.

      “I think this year was definitely one of improvement and I feel like next year we can use a lot of what we did this year to help our game,” McDougal said.