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#1 Cathedral 

This non-conference game was one of the hardest games of the season for the Warriors. The Warriors went into halftime with a 11 point lead of 28-17. Cathedral came out ready to play in the second half with 25 points in the fourth quarter. Junior Armaan Franklin was responsible for 22 points for Cathedral. However, the Warriors played hard in overtime, and with a last minute push, they took the victory 66-64. 

#2 Zionsville 

In this non-conference away game, the Warriors battled through three overtimes against the Eagles of Zionsville. The Warriors were down by six at the half, but out-battled the Eagles in the second half to tie the score. Junior standout Isaiah Thompson had 34 of the Eagles 67 points. The Warriors then fought through not one, not two, but three overtimes, to come out on top with a 71-67 win, and thus sparked the motto, “Can’t fold, won’t fold.”  

#3 Center Grove 

In this huge MIC game, the Warriors were up against junior standout Trayce Jackson-Davis and the Center Grove Trojans. The Trojans had a big lead at half with a score of 28-17. But in the second half, the Warriors held the Trojans to 14 points while they put up 33 points. 

#4 Ben Davis 

In this game, the Warriors fought for the Marion County tournament championship. They had to beat their West side rivals, the Ben Davis Giants, again. The Warriors held Michigan State commit Aaron Henry to 14 points and made a 4th quarter push to defeat the reigning State Champions. Warren won the Marion County Tournament 55-43. 

#5 Carmel 

In the toughest conference game of the season, the Warriors were home again against the Carmel Greyhounds. The Warriors stayed with the Greyhounds the whole rst half, but the Greyhounds pulled away in the third quarter, scoring 21, while Warren was held to six. But the Warriors knew their undefeated season was on the line, so they grouped together and came back in the fourth quarter. Senior Antwaan Cushingberry hit a buzzer beater to win the game 66-65. 

#6 Ben Davis 

In the first games of regionals, the Warriors had to face off for the third time against Aaron Henry and the Ben Davis Giants. The Warriors and Giants went back and forth all game to an overtime finish. Dean Tate was clutch from the three-point line and led the Warriors to a 48-46 victory to advance to the Regional Finals. 

#7 New Albany 

In the state semi-final, the Warriors had to battle the no.1 prospect Romeo Langford and the New Albany Bulldogs. The Warriors did not play their best all game, but in the nal seconds, junior David Bell dribbled down to hit a buzzer-beater. The game-winning lay up led the Warriors the state championship game and maintained their undefeated status. 

#8 Carmel

The Warriors were in the biggest game all season, battling their conference rivals, the Carmel Greyhounds, once again. Warren played hard, but went into half-time downby 8. However, the Warriors fought hard and outscored the Greyhounds 26-16 in the 4th quarter. 

See The Facts 

  • 32-0 record in season, becoming the best team in Indiana high school basketball history. 
  • 2nd team in state history to win girls & boys state championships in the same year.
  • 1st Boys Basketball State Championship in Warren Central High School history.
  • #10 Dean Tate is the first Warren Central athlete to be selected as an Indiana All-Star in basketball and an IFCA All-Star in football. 
  • 54-48 was the final score of the championship game vs. Carmel. 
  • 1.00 regular season win percentage. 
  • 12/15/18: the team beat No. 1 Ben Davis, turning heads to the teams potential. 
  • #1 high school boys basketball team in the Midwest 

Q&A with State Champs 

Q: How does it feel to be a State Champion? 

Junior Shawn Beeler 

“Winning state feels surreal, to be able to set a goal at the beginning of the season and to carry it out, is an amazing feeling. Completing a perfect season only adds to the multiple accomplishments we achieved and makes us feel like we exemplify the true definition of a Warrior.” 

Junior Jesse Bingham 

“It was a great feeling winning state and completing the perfect season. We have done something that no one will ever be able to do again.” 

Senior Jaylen Moore 

“The feeling is just unreal and honestly still hasn’t hit me yet. I feel it will hit me down the line in like five or 10 years, when we will have team reunions.” 

Freshman Malik Stanley 

“It felt great because everybody was counting on us to win and the community was behind of the whole ride. So the second half [of the state game] we came out, got the job done and celebrated with our community, and it was fun and great experience.” 

Q: What made you guys win games and stay on top? 

Senior Jaylen Moore 

“Staying together through the ups and downs of the games helped us pull out close games and being no.1 in the state. Nobody ever downed one another and we had each other’s back no matter what.” 

Junior Jesse Bingham 

“We got after it everyday in practice. We tried to make practice hard, so the games would seem easy.” 

Freshman Malik Stanley 

“What helped us stay on top was watching film and trusting in our coaching staff. We [came] back to win a state championship because we knew we [were] in this position before.” 

Junior Shawn Beeler 

“Our willingness to win was greater than any adversity that we faced.” 


     With the start of the season behind them, the tennis team relies on togetherness and teamwork to succeed this season. 

    “Teamwork is very important to us, even to singles players, because we all practice and grow together,” junior Christie-Anna Hicks said. 

     With a record of 5-15 last season, the team did not have the success that they had wanted, but feel as though they have improved from those setbacks. 

    “The record may not show it all, but we grew a lot last year,” head coach Jason Wagner said. 

      The team did not let any losses last season impact their confidence or drive to win more matches. 

     “Even if we lost a match, we still came into practice with a mind set to get better and win,” Hicks added. 

      The doubles matches played a key role in the team’s success, with 17 wins coming from those matches alone, including victories against Greenfield Central and Pike, showing how well they work as a team. 

    “Our doubles team was really good at communicating and they worked really hard during practice,” Hicks added. The team has had a slow start to this season with a record of 0-2, but still look to have a positive mindset and keep going forward.“Continuing to work our hardest every practice and think positively,” Hicks said.

      Hicks won her first match of the season in doubles competition pairing with sophomore Kelli Rivers.The team looks to work hard and stay focused as they have been practicing for months inside and outside to prepare for their season.

    “We’ve been working with our coaches on a lot of different strategies on how to hit the ball harder and more accurately,” junior Alexis Moment said. 

      Moment was varsity her freshman year and after taking a year from tennis she hopes to return and have a good season. 

      While already having a strength and foundation in endurance, the team has also been working on their cardio. The team would integrate running into their preseason practices to help build up that cardio and endurance base. Tennis matches can run long so endurance is an underrated and important aspect to a good player. 

      Wagner is very optimistic about this season and the growth they can accomplish from it, but believes that it will take hard work and effort to accomplish their goals. 

     “Overall, we have opportunities to grow as a team and as individuals,” Wagner said. 

     With the start of the season behind them, the team looks to keep a positive mentality and make the most out of the season. 

     “We should just keep an open mind throughout matches to make the season the best that it can be,” Moment said. 


      The Warren Central girls lacrosse team is 4-6 to start the season, but look to turn things around as the season continues. Last year, the team made it to the state semifinals and set a new school record for wins in a season. The team looks to build on that success this year. 

     “We’ve already been working very hard in the preseason on things that we saw needed to be improved on from last season. We are continuing to practice hard and stay closer together. We have great leadership from returning girls [and are] hoping to come out stronger than before,” junior defender Kennedy Bland said. 

       In the first game of the season, the team played in their home opener against Brebeuf Jesuit High School. The team fought hard, but unfortunately came up short losing 4-14. 

       During this game senior Cassidy Cobb scored three of the goals and senior Julia Suddarth claimed the last goal. 

      “The first game really humbled us and showed how much harder we need to work,” Coach Gary Roberts said. 

        In the first win of the season, the team bounced back and had a dominant performance. The team defeated Bloomington 13-1.

       “I think we needed that win as a team, it gave us something to build from as we start to get into the tougher part of our schedule,” said Suddarth. 

        The team showed their grit and determination with a win over conference rival Center Grove. After being down 3-0 early in the game, the team was led to an 11-6 victory by leading scorer Cobb, who scored eight goals in the game. 

       “It feels great to get a comeback win, they were a tough team but we came back harder to get the win,” junior Nyssa Oliva said. 

        Cobb shined for the team in a 6-5 victory over Harrison as she scored all six of the teams goals. She has been an important figure for the team all season, scoring a goal in all of their games and tallying 35 of the teams 70 points. 

     “[Cobb] is our most likely person to score and she creates a lot of offense,” Roberts said. 


        After losing their head coach mid-season last year, the boys baseball team hopes to rewrite the script this season. 

       “I expect nothing but improvement, better chemistry and better focus in our team. I expect to come out with the best record we possibly can,” said senior Andrew Montgomery. 

        Prior to the beginning of the season, the players spent time working as much as they could from conditioning every Monday and practicing in the fieldhouse every Tuesday. 

      “They’ve been hustling and listening. They do classroom and outside work and they’ve been starting to buy into the process,” Carney said. 

      “I’m really expecting good feedback for the way we have worked to get ready for the season. I really think this year could be special for Warren Central baseball,” senior Michael Johnson said. 

       Last year, the group finished with a record of 9-14. The team expected to start stronger with their new coach, Emmitt Carney. Carney currently works as the head of security for Warren Central High School 

      “Last season was okay for us. We had some good moments and bad moments, but we definitely could have done better,” Johnson said. 

       Beginning this season, the team started 2-0, beating Arsenal Tech 18-2 and Decatur Central 4-3. Losing 9-1 in their third game to Lawrence North, the team came back the very next day and beat Lawrence North 6-2. 

      With the team’s 3-1 record, they have shown no problem working together on the field. 

     “They’re definitely a team. They get along really well and are very supportive,” Carney said. 

     “It is quite easy to work together because we have played with each other long enough to understand how each other play. Our chemistry is stronger than ever,” Montgomery said. 


       After a tough season last year, the girl’s softball team is looking to be more successful this spring. With a new head coach and a good start to the season, players hope to win more games and come together as family. 

     “As a team, our mentality is changing from doubtful to hopeful,” senior pitcher and shortstop Shelbie Stotts said. “There’s a lot more positivity and team players.” 

       The team is 2-3 in the season so far, with a win against Eastern Hancock and Perry Meridian. 

       With a new coach and many new players on the team, the girls are adjusting to the changes while also keeping positive attitudes. The new coach, Chris Norwood, has taught the girls to be more positive and work together as a team. 

      “I think although we have things to work on and ways we can improve, overall the ladies have played very well,” Norwood said.

       As a team they established three main goals for the season: communicate on and off the field, stay positive both individually and as a team and to get better every game. 

     “Our new coach is giving us a new approach to the game and we seem more aggressive,” junior pitcher and first baseman Megan Sanders said. “I appreciate what is being changed because as a team we seem more con dent and stay up in games, even the ones we are losing.” 

      The beginning of the season has been an improving start compared to last season and the team hopes to continue their strong start. Last season, the team won six games, lost 20 and tied at one game. 

     “Last season was a little rough,” Stotts said. “This year itis all about improving and repairing our feeder system. Thecoaches have been preparing us to the best of their abilities bymaking our fielding stronger and working on our hitting, which we happened to struggle a lot with last year.” 

      Due to the inconsistency of the weather, the team has only played seven games. The first game they played was against Perry Meridian and they won with a score of 10-6. The team started the game with a strong start with Stotts and junior transfer student Madison Wagers both hitting home runs in the first inning. 

     “We went in with a determination of never giving up and that’s what happened,” junior third baseman and shortstop Wagers said. “It was a battle on and off the field, but we held our grounds and walked away with very few errors.” 

       Wagers transferred from Franklin Central High School in the beginning of the year and has had a great experience adjusting to not only the school but also her varsity position on the team. 

      “The difference [between Franklin Central and Warren Central] is the amount of positivity and less judgement,” Wagers said. “Hard working girls, fighting for every position every practice and every game.” 

        After the first game, the team was not as successful in bringing home wins. They lost against the following teams: Speedway High School with a score of 11-7, Southport High School with a score of 10-6 and Lawrence North with a score of 5-2. The team bounced back on April 12, when they played home against Eastern Hancock. 

      “Bats came alive this game,” Stotts said. “We scored every inning except the second inning.” 

        The team won this game with a score of 7-4 and, according to Stotts, the strong hitters who contributed to the win were senior Lexi Jones, sophomore Alise Terhune, junior Aniah Baxter, sophomore Autumn Terhune, Sanders and herself. 

       “Probably the most important characteristic about this team that I’ve seen so far is that they don’t ever quit,” Norwood said. 

        The team also played the Lawrence Central Bears on Tuesday and won the game with a score of 7-4. In the beginning of the game, the team was down 2-1 but with strong efforts from both defense and offense they were able to win. 

        “I hope to see them playing hard and having fun. Softball is a game and games are supposed to be fun,” Norwood said “If we’re out there playing games and having fun then we’re doing what we’re supposed to.” 


        After successfully placing 10th in last year’s state meet, the Warren Central boys track team looks to improve for the upcoming season. 

      “We have already fared better at the indoor state competition compared to last year, getting 12th, and I expect to see same type of improvement going into the rest of the season,” William Smith, head coach, said. 

         It will be difficult to improve off of last season’s success, a season in which the team placed third in county, fourth in MIC and became sectional and regional champions. However, the team is still hoping to prosper this season and add more trophies to their collection. 

        “I [am hoping] for the team to place high in the MIC and possibly become sectional and regional champions once again,” Kyle Liwanag, senior runner, said. 

        The boys track team lost six of their state competitors from last year, and know that, in order to find success, they will need to work harder than before. One their mottos in order to do this is “Strive for Five,” which represents the team searching for their fifth state title. 

       “Guys are going to be leaned on more this year to be able to compete in multiple events compared to last year, and we are training extremely hard in order to be able to do this,” Smith said. 

         The boys first meet was a dual meet against Ben Davis on April 11. The team managed to win six events: Liwanag won the 800 meter run, junior Jordan Hodge won the 100 and 200 meter sprints, freshman Otto de st Jeor won the 400 meter sprint, William Arnold, Liwanag, George Jackson and Isaiah Farrell won the 4 by 400 meter relay, and the team of Hodge, Brian Glenn, Jackson and Elijah Price won the 4 by 100 meter relay. However, even after such an impressive performance, the boys lost the meet 57 to 75. 

       “This year I feel like we can go far, farther than we did last year. As long as we stay together, we’re going to be alright,” Hodge said. 

        The boys continued their season on April 13 at the Joe Schott Invitational. Out of the eight teams that competed, the Warriors finished second with a team score of 115, 30 points ahead of the third place team, Greenfield-Central. The team had five champions, two runner-ups and four third-place finishers. The track team was victorious in the 4 by 400 meter relay, 4 by 100 meter relay, sophomore Ta’Zyih Relford won the high jump, sophomore Randy Wells won the shot put and Jordan Hodge won the 100 meter sprint. 

      “I believe that this year’s team can surpass last year’s team because of the immense amount of work we’ve put in over the many months we have trained,” said Liwanag.