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    The Warren Central Winter Guard is coming off a very successful and exciting season last year and has high hopes for this season.

    “We plan to work hard all the time. Practicing the little things matter. We have to be very critical of ourselves throughout the entire season and make sure we’re very confident with all of the parts of our show, even the little ones,” junior Angelina Kelly said.

    The team is setting forth goals for themselves and for each other in order to try to push themselves toward another season of greatness.

    “My personal goal for this season is to become a leader and be more confident and my team goal is that we all are open minded and always putting 100% effort into everything we do,” sophomore Melisa Kraus said.

    While they came off a great season last year, winning a competition in Japan and becoming a WGI finalist, the athletes are choosing to not only focus on the past, but their future as well. They understand that they will still need to work hard and continuously improve in order to stay successful.

    “At the start of practices, we were not as strong as we are now. At the beginning, we weren't consistent but now we're catching everything and we're getting a lot stronger. Working out at every practice has also made us stronger. Although we're a lot stronger, we’ve also been working on being softer with everything we do and that's also something that has been improving,” Kelly said.

    The Warriors have already improved greatly this season and everyone is stepping up to fulfill their role.

    “We’ve been very productive and our show is looking great at the moment. We’ve all stepped up skill and performance wise. And we have a really strong mindset,” Kraus said.

    While hard work is needed on the path to triumph, there are other values that are needed as well, values that the Guard has already mastered.

    “I really just want a for us to stay motivated throughout the whole season, always give our best effort, build a really amazing bond between each other, and have fun, but also stay serious with everything we do,” Kelly said.

    However, as important as being successful is to the Guard, they still care more about each other and are very thankful for all that Winter Guard has given them.

    “I love being able to bond and get closer with the girls on my team. Without guard, I'm not sure I would be where I am today. These girls are so much fun to be around and the bond I've built with them I can see lasting well after high school,” Kelly said.

    The Winter Guard will have their first competition on Feb. 9 and have high hopes for that competition and the ones that follow.




     nullThe Warren Central girls swimming team is off to a strong start this season, winning five of their first six dual meets. The girls believe that they have a lot more to accomplish, though.

     “The girls have had a fantastic start to the season. Much better than I was expecting,” Coach John Sincroft said.

     The team has very high goals for this season, including going far in both the county and state tournaments. The swimmers believe that they have the necessary skills to achieve success.  

     “We plan to achieve these goals through hard work and training. We have also been focusing a great deal on the little things in races, such as turns and push offs,” freshman Riley Bryk said.

     The team thinks that they are very deserving of their success due to the hard work and dedication that they have put in each and every day.

     “Every single day we’re getting better, and all of our hard work is beginning to pay off,” sophomore Therese Dao said.

     The Lady Warriors competed against Brebeuf Jesuit at home on Nov. 29 and managed to win a tough fought meet, 103-77. They also competed at the Cardinal Classic on Dec. 1 and managed to place second.

     “There was a lot of energy at that meet, which helped us persevere despite the length of the meet. The experience was definitely better than I had imagined,” Bryk said.

     The girls have improved greatly since the beginning of the season and know they have what it takes in order to be a top team.

     “Since the start of the season, the team has gotten more confident in all of our swims and we're now more persistent and focused,” senior Rayna Goodin said.

     The swimmers are keeping a very positive outlook on the season but understand they need to keep focused and keep working in order to get where they wish to be.  

     “The atmosphere is very competitive but focused. We all want to be the best, so we push each other in practice,” Bryk said. “However, we do not let that get in the way of our technique. We are always doing our best to one day be the best.”

     This is one of the best starts the team has had in years, already racking up more wins than the total number of wins last year.

     “Out of all my 4 years in high school swimming, this year's team is the strongest I've been part of. We're all very supportive of each other, even on bad days and through sickness,” said Goodin.


    The Warren Central boys swimming team has been off to a slow start this season, but remains positive and has high hopes for the remainder of the season. They do not believe that their record represents who they are as a team and know that they are better than their record shows.

    “We’ve had a great season so far. A lot of new people have joined and they have come up a lot from the beginning of the season. I can’t wait to see where it goes,” senior Tyler Trumpey said.

    The team has started the season with a record of 2-2-1 and know what they need to improve on in order to be successful.

    The team has faced some obstacles this season, such as sophomore Simon Park getting injured at the beginning of the season, but Park is not letting his injury hold him back.

    “I still want to achieve everything that coach Sincroft and I had planned before the season started,” Park said.

    The team defeated Brebeuf Jesuit on Nov. 29 with a dominating performance and an overall score of 93 - 78, with good performances by John Turner and Trumpey. The boys then competed at the Cardinal Classic tournament meet and placed second at the meet.

    “John Turner put in a great summer of work that is paying off this season and Gavin Gullotto has stepped up huge in many different events. Also, freshman Josep Luik is a big presence for the future,” coach John Sincroft said.

    The boys have six meets over winter break and are hoping for success in those meets to help set the tone for the rest of the season. Over the break, the team will also participate in the MIC preliminaries and the MIC finals for both swimming and diving.

    “I would love for us to have a fantastic Christmas break so when we get to sectionals we can dominate,” Trumpey said.

    As the season has progressed, the team can already see the improvement they have undergone and know that they can continue to improve with hard work and dedication.

    “The team has improved greatly this season. Each meet, Coach Gaither will have a personal record board and I see at least 10 personal records every meet. Which if we are improving this early in the season, I can’t wait to see what we do towards the end,” Trumpey said.

    While the swimmers care about improving their own times, they are also very supportive of one another and are pushing each other to make their teammates as competitive as they can be.

    “I just want all of our swimmers as a group to drop as much time as possible and hopefully some of us make it to state,” Park said.

    The Warriors are trying their best to be as good as they can be and this is clearly shown in their attitudes at practices and meets. This is greatly helping them on their path to victory as they prepare to have a great season.

    “The team this year has a much greater sense of urgency and desire.  They are a lot more self directed and take less managing and that allows the coaches to coach more which has been a huge benefit,” Sincroft said.


     The Warren Central Wrestling team is off to a strong start, kicking off their season with a record of 7-1, only losing to the no. 1 wrestling team in the state, Cathedral.

     “We have a really strong and technical team. [We are working on] really just trying to get guys where we need them most,” senior Jarred Rowlett said. “There is nobody stopping us from becoming the 2018-2019 state champs.”

     To prepare for the season, the wrestlers conditioned and cut weight for their weight classes. Lately, the athletes have been at morning practices at least three times a week and have been working on being the first to score on the board in their individual matches. They all want to be able attack and score first so they do not get down on the scoreboard.

     “[We have been working on] mostly been working on getting to our base on the mat, then getting to our feet. That one point is essential when your tailing a good wrestler. [We want to] get the first take-down and not having to worry about catching back up later in the match. The whole team usually struggles there, but we are definitely improving,” Rowlett said.

     In the preseason, the Warriors competed at the John Hurrle Memorial Invitational at Arsenal Tech, placing first out of 26 teams, beating the runner-ups, Hamilton Southeastern, by more than 100 points. The team had 8 first place finishes overall.

     During the regular season, the wrestling team continued to dominate. So far, the team has defeated almost every team they have went against. When the team went against the North Central, the Panthers only managed to score 15 points compared to the Warriors’ 54. In the matchup against Greenfield Central, they beat their opponents 59-8. Against Lawrence North, they held the team 55-8. The only team that has bested the Warriors was the no. 1 team in the state, Cathedral. But even then, Cathedral only beat Warren Central by three points.

     “We are so dominant right now because we believe in each other and what we can accomplish when we work together as a team,” junior Brice Coleman said. “Together we are strong, but alone we are weak.”

     As a way to ensure that the team stays exceptional, the coaches of the team formed group of the wrestling leaders of the team called Warriors in Charge. This group meets once every two weeks to talk about how to make the team thrive and continue to do so in the future to earn their next state title.

     “Our varsity wrestlers have trained with the best coaches for so many years and now it is our time to prove ourselves after all the hard work we’ve put ourselves through,” junior Alise Terhune said. “Our coaching staff is a huge part of why we’re so successful.”



null     The undefeated boys basketball team has started their season strong, competing against opponents from across Indiana. Looking to continue the success of last season’s record-breaking state championship, the boys are pushing for strong leadership and technique to remain consistent throughout the winter season.

     With two transfers from local schools, seniors Manuel Brown Jr. from Scecina Memorial High School and Isiah Moore from Park Tudor, the Warriors are starting with a team full of new faces.

     “[Manny and Isiah] are doing a good job at adjusting,” senior Jesse Bingham said. “We’ve come a long way from when they first came.”

     In their daily practices, the Warriors focus on fundamentals and in-game situations to prepare them and aid in their success on the court. With daily practices after school, the boys basketball team is expected to put in hard work, energy and leave nothing on the court.

     This year’s seniors fill different leadership roles that know what it takes in order to be successful both on and off of the court. With experience playing against formidable opponents, the seniors know that hard work is the first step to being able to be extrusive in not just in the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference, but also in the state of Indiana.

     This hard work mentality was shown to be a key part of the team’s success last year, when Warren Central basketball had a record breaking season, going undefeated and beating a top-ranked opponent, Carmel High School.

     The Warriors have became a common topic in articles across Indiana and are currently ranked first in the state.

     “We want to repeat that same success again this year,” Bingham said.

     Last year’s state title motivates the team to work harder and not to take any game too easily. Varsity head coach Criss Beyers keeps the expectations for the team high and is always looking for things that the Warriors can improve on during practices.

     “We’ve done a lot of good things in [the games we’ve played]. But those things have also shown us what we need to work on and what we can correct,” Beyers said.

     During the season and home opener, the Warriors took on the Arsenal Technical Titans won with the score of 100-28. The following game, they took on the Franklin Central Flashes taking home the win with a score of 52-28. On Dec. 7th, the Warriors played Cathedral High School, winning 69-47 and improving their record to 3-0.

     “We have the chance and opportunity to be very good like we were last year,” Bingham said. “We just need to chop away every day and make the best of our season.”



     The girls basketball team has been off to a strongnull start, with a record of 10-1 overall and 5-0 against conference opponents.

     The Lady Warriors credit their success to their toughness, confidence and ability to stay humble despite being the reigning champions.

     “Knowing where we came from and the dedication and work it takes to have success,” head coach Stacy Mitchell said.

     The ladies have been strong on both ends of the floor this season, averaging 63 points a game while holding opponents to 40 points a game.

     The chemistry of any team is important, along with good teamwork, and it is an aspect of the sport that the Warriors have mastered.

     “Chemistry is everything,” senior Shaila Beeler said. “No one person can do anything by themself. We play as team.”

     The team still remains undefeated on the road in wins against Cathedral, Mount Vernon and conference rival Ben Davis.

     The Lady Warriors have been led by Beeler throughout this season. Beeler has done a lot for the ladies this season, averaging ten points, eight assist and three steals per game this season.

     “Coming off our state run last year gave me momentum,” Beeler said. “We have a huge target on our back this year, and I’m trying to make it back to state again.”

     Beeler has missed three games due to injury, but the ladies’ stacked roster has done well in her absence with senior Cydni Dodd averaging 11 points, five assist and one block a game and junior K’Ja Talley averaging a team high 12 points per game.

     The ladies only loss of the season came against Pike in the county tournament and they are using that loss as a learning experience for the future.

     “We have had time to regroup and realize if we’re going to be successful we have to play hard 100% of the time,” said Dodd.

     The team hopes to be at full strength for the remainder of the season as Beeler came back into the lineup in the game Wednesday against Crispus Attucks.

     With the rest of the season still ahead of them the team looks to remain focused on their future.

     “We’re not undefeated like how we’d like, but we’ve learned a lot about ourselves,” said Dodd. “We plan to continue to play hard and let the wins and loses be determined by how hard we play.”


EDIT : This story originally had said the record of the girl's basketball team was 7-1 and 4-1. It has now been corrected, and updated, to 10-1 and 5-0.