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Girl’s tennis team hopes to speed up their season

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     With the start of the season behind them, the tennis team relies on togetherness and teamwork to succeed this season. 

    “Teamwork is very important to us, even to singles players, because we all practice and grow together,” junior Christie-Anna Hicks said. 

     With a record of 5-15 last season, the team did not have the success that they had wanted, but feel as though they have improved from those setbacks. 

    “The record may not show it all, but we grew a lot last year,” head coach Jason Wagner...

Boys tennis ends season on a high note

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       Boys tennis has ended their regular season with 10 wins and 11 losses. Not only has the team developed as a whole, the individual improvement is evident as well. “Every single member on the team has put in a ton of work and improved,” said senior Samuel Woodbury.

       The boys brought in a win against Ben Davis with a score of 3-2 on senior night. This was the last game of regular season and a defining moment for the team.

      “I would say our guys played as good as they played all year...

Tennis goes for the win

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        The tennis program has started the season with close wins and many victories.

        Ending last season with a 5-8 record, the only plan for the boys’ tennis team is to improve. The team prepared during the off season and also take practice very seriously.

      “We all have put in a lot of work during the off season and conditioning in order to make sure we are ready to compete with the MIC,” senior Taylor Thoman said. 

        Pre-game ritual is something that is important to get the boys heads...

Midseason Report: Tennis

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Game. Set. Match.


After a 4-12 season last year, Coach Jason Wagner believes if they can find consistency this season, their end result will be better than last year. In fact that is the team goal.

Schnarr leaves legacy for future

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It is not how you start, but how you finish.

After a 3-0 start ,the season looked very bright for the Warriors. It finally looked as if this program would overcome the obstacle of finishing over .500, which was Coach Wagner’s season expectation.

Achieving this expectation would mean a lot to this program because it has not had a winning record for years.

Unfortunately ,that bright light and those high  expectations became dim quickly after losing five of the next six matches, only beating Danville. The team closed out the season winning one out of...

Schnarr paves way to history

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15 Love. 30 Love.40 Love.Game.

3-0 start.

The boys tennis team is not bluffing, they’re definitely up to something. After a 5-9 record last season, these boys are heading in the right direction to improve their win column this season. The team kicked off their season 3-0 with wins against Tech, Southport, and one they were hungry for...Pike.

According to Coach Wagner he is not surprised at the great start.“Coming into this season, I felt that we really had a chance to improve from last year,” Wagner said . “The guys willingness to work, listen...

Fall Sports Preview

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Cross Country

By Natayja Smith

They’re back and they’re better!

The boys and girls cross country team are eager to dominate their season. With practices, the Warriors have been pushing to achieve a winning season.

Last year, there were a lot of youth stars that excelled the their season. Reigning MIC Regional Champion, Jamie Wells, stated that she intends to get a higher State Championship ranking than her 12th ranking last year. “I’m just going to stay with my...

Girls tennis pushes to finish tough season strong

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Rebuilding is a long process. Rebuilding takes time, energy, effort, and an entire group wanting to work at it and get better.

The girls tennis team has worked tirelessly to rebuild a broken program and have done so with very little complaining, griping, or turning on each other.

“It has been a good season,” head coach Jason Wagner said. “Our girls have learned and grown a lot as tennis players.

 Although a majority of the team is brand new to tennis or have never played at a Varsity level the girls...

Tennis struggles to find rhythm

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The girls tennis team has had a rocky to their season thus far but are quickly picking up the momentum and are starting to turn things into their favor.

With a big win against Greenfield Central, assistant coach Samantha Tantillo is excited about the future for this girls team.

“We have made an overall improvement from the offseason into our first couple of games,” Tantillo said. “With a majority of the Varsity being either underclassmen or girls who are just now learning the game, it has been a challenge to get them up to...

Girls Varsity & JV Tennis

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