Swim Team starts fresh with young swimmers

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      The swim team is looking to start fresh and introduce a strong team of young swimmers and divers. Although both the girls and boys teams have experienced a shortage of swimmers, they won’t let that stop them.

     “We have many young swimmers who don’t know the Warrior Way yet,” said senior Peter Drummond.

     “As a team, we are working to build a culture by holding each other accountable in and out of the pool.”

      Over the summer students spent time in the pool improving their skills and preparing for the upcoming season. Swimmers have also been attending morning and afternoon practices to add extra energy to the team.

    “We have all been putting in the work with all we’ve done so far. With the morning workouts to the afternoon swims, it has been constant intensity and competitiveness,” said senior Kira Gibbs.

      The girls team will be picking up the pace this season with new swimmers added to the roster. Having an eagerness to improve everyday and a strong work ethic, the girls are expected to have a pivotal season.

    “The girls team will be much improved with a lot of new swimmers joining this year,” said head coach John Sincroft. “The team has a great work ethic so far and has been doing a great job working hard with great enthusiasm every day.”

     According to Sincroft, the boys team will have smaller numbers this year than in the past, but he believes the team will be able to compensate with talent.

    There are a large number of freshman on the team this year with potential to push the team to further heights.

    “I’m really excited to see what we can do this season. We have a lot of freshman that have a lot of potential and will help our team tremendously,” said Gibbs.

     There are many people who doubt the Warriors this year and it is one of the Warriors’ goals to amaze them.

    “By the end of the year, we will shock many people. This year, we are looked at as underdogs and other teams aren’t expecting us to have the year that we are going to have,” said Drummond.