Thumbs (09/07/2018)

Posted 3:12 PM

THUMBS UP TO Nike supporting Colin Kaepernick by making him the face of a new ad campaign. They are putting their money where their mouth is.


THUMBS UP TO Australia for discovering a new affordable source of solar energy-- solar panels that can be printed using a 3D printer. We are finally on the right track.


THUMBS UP TO Starbucks testing out a program paying their employees to split their work hours with volunteer hours. They are helping communities that support them.


THUMBS UP TO the new tardy policy. Where are all the kids in the hallway? Oh yeah, that’s right. They are in CLASS!


THUMBS DOWN TO Netflix testing out commercials. Hopefully this temporary test run will prove to be unsuccessful so we can continue to binge in peace.


THUMBS DOWN TO Ariana Grande being groped at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Her funeral was meant to be a sacred place of respect for a legend, not a platform for men to openly harass women.


THUMBS DOWN TO the French Open not allowing Serena Williams to wear her signature catsuit. It’s 2018! Her suit on the court is nobody’s business but hers, especially when she is the champ.


THUMBS DOWN TO the new policy regarding distribution of snacks and candies. It’s understandable and needed at the K-5 level. At a high school level, however, we are expected to be treated as young adults and this, unfortunately, is a step back.