Trends to leave in 2018

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     Catfishing on social sites: Let 2019 be your year to embrace any and all of your flaws. If you did not already did so in 2018, start loving yourself--your natural self. Leave excessive amounts of makeup and filtered selfies in 2018.


     Cantu: Not all Cantu products are bad, but back in 2017, there was conflict surrounding the award-winning hair care product. Rumors circulated claiming that Cantu changed their ingredients after being popularized and heavily purchased last year. Those rumors proved to be  true, as Cantu added isopropyl alcohol, rubbing alcohol, to their leave-in conditioners. This chemical is a moisture killer for any hair type. It is important to check the labels of hair products to prevent damage. Leave dry scalps in 2018.


     Parent-Shaming: Viral videos of misbehaving adolescents being punished began to hit the media back in late 2016, when a dad recorded himself giving his son an embarrassing haircut as a result of his bad grades. Many people reacted to this father’s behavior as if he did the right thing by punishing his child creatively. Although it was entertaining to some, it is never okay for parents to shame their children, especially on such a public forum. These punishments can damage the foundation of trust that children have built with their parents. Do not continue to diminish the self esteem of the youth and leave parent shaming in 2018.


     Eating Tide Pods: This was one of the many social media trends of 2018 that, to no clear eye, made any sense. It brought nothing but pure joy and humor to the young people who participated in the trend, but, honestly, eating tide pods can kill you. Laundry detergent was not made to be a snack. End of discussion. Leave snacking on Tide Pods in 2018.


     Fatal Social Media Challenges: Social media influencers have encouraged the nonsense of fatal social media challenges. Though there were challenges like the Cinnamon Challenge, Salt-ice Challenge and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that were fairly harmless, things went too far in 2015 and 2016 with the Fire Challenge, Pass Out Challenge and the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. It is all fun and games until someone goes too far. Why risk it all for a 30 second video? Leave it in 2018.


     Procrastination: It is time for everyone to take their lives back and do what is necessary to succeed. Waiting around and letting “nature run its course” is not going to cut it any longer. Do what you have to do so you can be one step closer to success. Leave the laziness in 2018.

     People who do not  support your aspirations:  If you plan on going far, those who dwell on your downfall and try to discourage you at every chance they get do not get to walk into the new year with you. These negative people will only hold you back. You do not need that type of energy manifesting in your soul. Drop the haters and reclaim your life. Discontinue the labels that others attach to you. Leave the haters in 2018.