WCDC works on perfecting moves

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        The Warren Central Dance Team has left a memorable mark on the school and even made an impression on the city.

      “We are almost three years strong. In those three years, the team has done and accomplished so much,” said head coach Roosevelt Williams.

        Just as any other team, the dance team takes pride in what they do and constantly want to prove that they are the best.

      “I do take a lot of pride in the team,” said senior Eugena Thomas. “As a team, we have been able to participate in the Circle City Classic parade and win a competition. Those are just steps to proving we are the best at what we do.”

      Perfecting the craft of dance is something the dance team takes seriously. Things can get tough, but the dance team continues to aspire to be the best.

    “The work ethic is extremely hard, but we work hard to continue to grow and be better than the next team,” said senior Dennis Gill.

      Practices are normally held three times a week, but extra preparation is put in when competition time comes around. According to Coach Williams, practice is typically Monday through Friday when the team has an upcoming performance.

      On Oct. 27, the team won first place for the first time, in a competition against Lawrence North. The dance crew competed in three rounds: captain’s battle, creative, and stand battle. The team came out on top in all three and won 500 dollars.

    “This competition was not only our first win of the year, but it was also our first win since the team started in 2014,” said Williams.

     Although the team has been in many competitions, they have never won first place. The team only has one goal when it’s competition time: to win.

   “The goal before a competition is to go out there do our best and bring home the W,” said sophomore Melissa Adepo.

    Music is an essential part to every performance and takes time to prepare. For the past two years, all of the dance team’s music has been mixed by Gill.

   “I give my all when I’m mixing music,” said Gill. “ I constantly get better every time I make a mix.”

   With basketball season coming up, the dance team is preparing many sets to perform at the halftime shows. The dance team performed at the Black and Gold Bonanza, which was one of their first performances of the season.

    “This season there will be a lot of live performances, hard work, and great executions,” said Thomas.

      The team is also preparing for a competition in February. Which is expected to have 10 to 15 other teams from neighboring states. Although this competition will be challenging, the dancing Warriors are up for it.

    “Preparing for this competition will take a lot of effort and compromise from everyone on the team,” said Williams. “It won’t be easy, but we are going to do what we do best - dance!”