Wyliepalooza Review

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 Wyliepalooza is an anomaly on the Eastside of Indy. Almost all of the  ice cream places around Warren are franchises and/or soft-serve. Wyliepalooza was founded in 2013 on the historic Irvington strip. It is a perfect example of why small business should be supported. Wyliepalooza, through its flavorful ice cream, quirky atmosphere, and approachable service, sets itself apart from the other ice cream establishments on the Eastside.

   The ice cream flavor and texture at Wyliepalooza is what really sets this place apart from the rest of the Eastside’s ice cream shops. Wyliepalooza makes its ice cream with 35 percent overrun instead of 50 percent overrun, which means less air. In addition to that, they add 14 percent butterfat to their ice cream.

   These two things create “the creamy, luscious texture and full-bodied taste” that Wyliepalooza strives for. I got two scoops in a cup, one “Caramel Chaos” and one “Mint Chip.”

   The moment I stuck my spoon into “Caramel Chaos,” I could tell the difference between the ice cream I buy at Dairy Queen and the ice cream sitting in front of me. The texture was thicker, creamier and was made to melt in your mouth.

   The flavor was rich from the butterfat and that classic hand-dipped deliciousness that comes along with it. Even with the richness of the flavor and texture, there was never a moment that I told myself to stop eating.

   The atmosphere was quirky, but in a good way. This is not some polished looking shop either. It does not have the guidelines of a franchise, instead adhering to its whimsical nature as a small business named “Wyliepalooza.” The atmosphere as you walk in is inviting. The color scheme is what comes to mind of what an ice cream shop should look like: colorful, bright, fun and child-like. The lighting is clean, not letting Wyliepalooza hide anything from the customer.  There are a variety options for seating, from family size tables to small two person tables to a parlor booth on the counter.

   The shop is very accessible, having an entrance on the strip and at its back entrance from the parking lot.

   The service was pleasant. I was greeted as I walked in from the back parking lot and immediately helped as I stood by the ice cream selections. The sheer amount of ice cream choices was very intimidating as I was not a regular who could easily pick out their favorite flavor.  

   However, the people behind the counter were very accommodating and never rushed me to a decision. Although, ultimately, without knowing what tasted like what, I randomly chose  “Caramel Chaos” and my back-up flavor of classic “Mint Chip.”

   The price of the ice cream was decent and the employees made sure that I got the most for what I was spending. After I finished my ice cream and headed out the door, I was thanked for coming to Wyliepalooza.

  Overall, I had an awesome experience with Wyliepalooza. It is difficult to find an ice cream place that is not a Dairy Queen on this side of town. The service, atmosphere and flavor make this ice cream one-of-a-kind and on its game. Even though it is outside of Warren Township, I recommend  Wyliepalooza for that next ice cream run. You will not regret it.