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Misplaced Popularity
Raine Woodson
Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Emma Chamberlain is a popular YouTuber with 7.6 million subscribers and 7.5 million Instagram followers. Her content ranges from story times, which are personal stories shared in a video, to cooking videos, but her variety of content does not excuse her from being a terrible person with questionable hygiene.

Chamberlain’s channel offers nothing that makes her really stand out. She has a lot of bandwagon videos such as “Preparing For Coachella” or the “24 Hour No Phone challenge.” She cooks on her channel too, much like Daniel Howell and Phil Lester with their holiday cooking videos. Chamberlain jokingly claims to be a “world renowned chef” in the bio of her channel. Most of her content is lazily edited, which knocks the overall quality of her channel down, but that does not make as much of an impact as the drama she involves herself in.

The young star has been involved in a number of self-inflicted controversies. She released a line of merchandise as most YouTubers do, but there were plenty of complaints about it. Not only was her merchandise overpriced, but the website also presented some functional concerns: some of the products were blurred so customers could not even see them. On top of the blurring, merchandise similar to hers could also be found on Aliexpress, a shopping website, for substantially cheaper than what she was charging.

This year, she was also accused of doing blackface for her New Years video. In the video, she decided to do a dollar store makeover using only products bought at Dollar Tree. Depending on the lighting, whether she did blackface or not is up to debate, however viewers could still tell that the shades she used were visibly darker than her own, which she herself mentioned prior to applying the products to her face. This video has since been deleted from her channel, with no apology or explanation posted for it. This led people to believe that she was doing what she always did, deleting the content and waiting for it all to be forgotten. Since that controversy, there have been more accusations of her doing blackface because of a picture she posted on her Instagram while she had a spray tan on March 18, 2019. The issue with the picture was her skin tone looked visibly darker than a normal tan. However, this was not blown into a huge problem like the previously mentioned issues and is up to debate.

Emma’s brand aims to be “quirky” and relatable, but a big part of this includes her talking about her hygiene. However, being unhygenic is not something that she needed to announce to her millions of followers. On her Instagram page, she has openly talked about how her teeth are  yellow from lack of brushing. Even more disturbing, she has admitted to urinating herself on a couple of occasions and went as far as posting pictures of herself in a diaper with the caption “ur postmates shows up in a diaper wyd”. That kind of content is not relatable nor is it funny to anyone. If anything, such content should be embarrassing to post.

Overall, in comparison to other YouTubers with relatable channels like Joana Ceddia or Jenna Marbles, Emma Chamberlain's channel is overrated. She posts content about whatever is trending and lacks originality while making videos on regurgitated content, starts drama and is overly open about her inexcusably poor hygiene. Her channel is not impressive by any means and the fact that her audience is mostly children poses an issue with the controversies she starts and her openness about not taking care of herself. That is not the kind of example that an adult should be setting for children who look up to her. For anyone interested in seeing Emma Chamberlain’s content, she can be accessed on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram or her Twitter.

Rating 2 out of 10.