IXCA, a small family-owned restaurant that is located on the historic Irvington Strip, is dedicated to sharing a piece of their Mexican culture with their community. This is a restaurant where one can take both friends and family to dine and have a great time. Sunday through Saturday, they offer live music, a bar, great food and a courteous staff.

       The decor of the restaurant is beautiful. They have wood panelling that travels from the floors to the ceiling that clashes with the concrete for a more modern look. IXCA also has banners that drape across the ceiling that feature papel picado, traditional Mexican folk art. The walls feature various chalkboard drawings and even framed art and plants in their window sills to create a comfortable, homey feeling for all those who dine there.

       The decor is not the only great thing about this restaurant. The staff is extremely patient and check in often with patrons. Unlike most restaurants where customers are waited on by one server, customers can expect to see the friendly faces of the whole staff as they come around to talk with every table. The staff is courteous and genuinely care about what their customer have to say about their wonderful food.

       While the food is amazing, it still left something to be desired. While the food is on the more expensive side, the cheapest main dish being nine dollars, the portions are also slightly smaller than average. The food tastes great and is prepared perfectly, but one would not leave feeling full. The best meal for those who are looking for something fulfilling and cheap is the Milanesa, a dish consisting of of pieces of thin breaded steak with fries, salad and tortillas.

       They also offer unique appetizers as soon as one is seated. The restaurant stands out by offering chicharrones de harina, a fried puffed wheat snack that is flavored with chili powder and lime, instead of the traditional chips and salsa one would find at other Mexican restaurants on the Eastside like Guadalajara and El Jaripeo.

       Overall, the restaurant is a quality place where one could have fun bringing both friends or family. The staff makes the restaurant a fun place to be while also giving it a comforting feeling as if one was eating at home. The food is great even if it is on the expensive side, and while one eats, they can enjoy live entertainment.