Teens getting jobs over the summer is a common practice for teens across America. Roughly 30 percent of teens ages 16-19 work over the summer, according to Next Gen Personal Finance. Although applying for jobs can be intimidating, there are ways to make the application process go smoother.

Job Opportunities

       Indy Parks is a government organization that is in control of all the government parks and pools located around Indiana. They offer over 400 temporary jobs every summer to teens and young adults. These positions include staff at their parks and pools, such as camp counselors, cashiers, lifeguards, and more. The positions are located at each of the Indy Parks pools and parks. There are over 30 parks and pools in Indianapolis, meaning there is a location  near everyone. Any of the these jobs can be applied for online, at

       One of the positions Indy Parks offers is camp counselor, which help watch over and take care of children who attend the Indy Parks day camp. The position pays 10 dollars an hour, with approximately forty-five hours per week. To qualify for this position, applicants must be at least sixteen years of age, have at least one year of experience dealing with youth, and must be CPR and first-aid certified. CPR and first-aid certification can be earned before the job starts through the paid classes, costing 30 dollars, that Indy Parks offers. This position runs June through July.

       Another position Indy Parks offers at their pools and aquatic centers is pool cashier, which work the register for people buying admission or concessions. This position pays 8 dollars an hour for approximately forty hours a week. To qualify for the position, applicants must have one year worth of experience in handling cash. This position runs from May through July or August, depending on the pool.

       Indy Parks also offers the position of lifeguard at their pools and aquatic centers. Lifeguards watch over the pools to make sure everyone is safe and is following the rules. They are responsible for helping people who are drowning or having trouble in the waters. This position pays 10 dollars an hour and employees work approximately forty hours per week. To qualify for the position, applicants must have at least one year worth of experience, have a lifeguarding license and it is prefered that applicants be water safety instructor certified. This positions runs from May through July or August, depending on the pool.  

       Indy Parks is not the only place to look for temporary employment, though. Many stores, restaurants, warehouses and other place are looking to hire teens to work over the summer. There are a wide variety of jobs to be found in Indianapolis, which can range from temporary cashier positions to internships over the summer. The important part is looking around, not just looking at the basic places to look, such as Walmart or McDonalds. Look at other places such as warehouses, family owned businesses and smaller stores that may offer summer jobs.

       A good way to look for jobs in your local area is to use apps such as Monster or Snag, which are all services where stores and organizations list jobs when they have a position available. These are good places to quickly look through the local area and see what places are hiring. These apps often give a basic description of the job, including position, location and basic duties, as well as containing link to the application.

Advice for Applying

       When applying, while often information listed in a resume is already requested in the basic application, jobs often favor applicants who submit a resume in their applications. Resumes are a simple way to tell and employer about who you are. Most resumes include the applicant's name, phone number, email address, work experience, volunteer or school activities and references. References can be teachers, coaches, previous employers, or a non family member who knows you well. Resumes can also include a small list of skills a person may have, such as good people skills, or being good with computers and technology.

       Resumes have more ways to be be created than ever, with Google Docs and other applications offering templates to help people get started. After choosing an appealing template, users input their information and make any changes to the designs if necessary. One thing to remember when creating a resume is to not make is too long or too short. Make sure the resume gets across who you are in two pages or less. Resumes show employers if an applicant should be considered for hire, so it is important for resumes to look good.

       After submitting an application, the next step is to wait. Often, it may take days or weeks for a job to get back to you, whether by email or phone number. This means it is important to start applying for jobs now, as applications submitted once summer starts may not be looked at, and applicants may not be contacted until the middle of summer, wasting a lot of time that could have been used working. It is also important to apply early as there are often many other people competing for the same position. Submitting an application for a summer job earlier, such as in April or May could mean the difference between getting or not getting a position.  

       After submitting an application, it is also important to check emails, phone calls and voicemails in case the job is interested in setting up an interview. If they do reach out, make sure to respond as soon as possible.

       Once an interview is set up, it is a good idea to look up the most common interview questions and to think about your answers. Think about questions that may have to do with the job duties and be prepared. Do mock interview with friends or family in order to prepare for the real interview. When it is time for the real interview, dress appropriately in professional clothing. It may be hard to not be nervous but before an interview, but try to relax and not to look nervous. After an interview, employers may tell you right away if it went well and about the state of the job, or they may wait and send an email or call you later.

       When applying for summer jobs, it’s important to be professional, timely and to keep trying. A lot of applications do not go anywhere and it may take a few applications before someone wants to set up an interview. Even with that, it may be a while before a job hires you. The most important thing is to keep trying and submitting applications, do not stop just because a few applications did not lead anywhere. Getting a summer job is a great way to spend summer, as it gives experience, and helps teens earn money for themselves. Many summer job applications are already open, so start looking around find jobs that may be of interest and submit an application.