The Warren Central lacrosse team has started of their season with a promising record of 3-3 and plan to build off their initial success. Their schedule started out with two very different types of teams, first year lacrosse team Roncalli followed by the current fifth ranked team in the state, Brebeuf Jesuit.

        “In both games, I was happy with our effort and focus, and we were playing better as the games went along.  We were playing much better in the second half than in the first,” coach Gary Roberts said.

        The Warren Central lacrosse team began their season with a big win over Roncalli with a score of 13 to 3. This was the strong start the Warriors were looking for and a start that the girls are hoping to build off of.

        “It was a game we were ready for and it was a good win for us. Our team communicated well and did what we had to do to bring on the win. We were winning draws and scoring right away, which ended the game with a score of 13-3. It was a great game played, even with the mistakes that were made, we brought on the win. It was a good start to the season and we were all ready to finally get the season started with a win,” senior Madelynn Jamison said.

        The girls suffered their first loss against the fifth ranked team in state, Brebeuf Jesuit, with a score of 8-3. They plan to build off of this loss and improve upon certain aspects of the game.

        “As most of our players do not play lacrosse year round and many are playing for the first time, fundamentals are a real priority for us. We need to be able to throw, catch and, most importantly, avoid losing the ball when we have it,” Roberts said.

        The Warriors took a few weeks break from games during spring break and individually put in a lot of hard work over that time. They believe that this hard work will affect and improve their play over the remainder of the season.

        “A handful of us were out of town, so individually it was what you did on your own time to make yourself better during spring break. When we came back from spring break, we also didn’t have any games until around the second week and that helped us get back to playing lacrosse and getting the team ready for the next game,” Jamison said.  

        After the break, the girls went 1-2 in their next three games, they managed to defeat Elkhart Central, but were beat by both Evansville Memorial and Westfield. However, the Warriors managed to bounce back and win a tough matchup against Harrison 7-6, with Nyssa Oliva scoring the winning goal with three minutes remaining.

        “After our recent debacle at Westfield, we played a very competitive game against Lafayette Harrison.  Though we trailed for most of the game, we were always within 1 or 2 goals. This was our first and only game this season on grass, which is a challenge for players used being on field turf.  I thought that we adapted extremely well and the field didn't end up being a factor. Harrison has a big time scorer, and our defensive players did a wonderful job to contain her the entire game,” Roberts said.