Warren Owl Crossword

Warren Crossword

     If you are unable to obtain a printed copy of the crossword in the newspaper, feel free to printout the crossword from this page. Answer the questions in the corresponding numbered boxes in the crossword. All the answers can be found in stories in the section labeled next to the question. Spaces and commas ARE included in the answer boxes.


1. Who is the Warren Central Thommies Awards named after? (News)

4. The original 1992 “Aladdin” film won Oscars for Best Song and Best ___. (Entertainment)  

5. Students interested in joining Ladies Golf should contact who? (News)

8. What type of disorders are the most common in the United States? (Center)

10. Borderline Personality Disorder can also be called ___. (Center)

11. What is the Islamic holy month tradition that is celebrated once a year? (Feature)

12. Who is Warren’s current superintendent? (News)

13. All incoming seniors need a second ___ vaccine before the start of their senior year. (News)

14. When moving into a dormitory, it is best to pack ___. (Feature)


2. Governor Holcomb recently signed a bill that has outlawed certain abortion procedures after the first ___? (Opinion)

3. In Bee and Puppycat, what school does Deckard want to attend? (Entertainment)

6. Who plays Orpheus in Hadestown? (Entertainment)

7. Because of the recent measles outbreak, President Trump has admitted that vaccines are ___ . (Opinion)

9. “___” is a given example of excellent LGBTQ+ representation within a film. (Opinion)

15. Who is the Girls Lacrosse coach? (Sports)

16. Which Warren Central team is having the best season they have had in six years? (Sports)


     Remember that spaces and commas in the answers are included in the answer boxes on the crossword.


1. Thom Feit

4. Score

5. Judith Gutzwiller

8. Anxiety

10. Manic Depressive Disorder

11. Ramadan

12. Tim Hanson

13. MCV4

14. Lightly


2. Trimester

3. Cooking Prince Academy

6. Reeve Carney

7. Necessary

9. Love, Simon

15. Gary Roberts

16. Girls Tennis