Senior Madison Victery is one of the few students in the Education Professions class learning about children and the most effective ways to teach them. This class is recommended for anyone who wants to go into the teaching field and work with children.

    “You are able to pick the school and grade, even the teacher, you would like to work with,” Victery said. “I have cadet taught at Grassy Creek Elementary School with first grade and Lowell Elementary School with second grade, but I’m now going to Eastridge Elementary school with kindergarten.” 

    On an average day, Victery will assist teachers during lessons by helping struggling students, answering questions, preparing or providing materials for the lesson and so much more, but for the most part she works closely with the students and helps them get through their daily routines and procedures.

    “When I am in Mrs. Jordan's class, we are given activities and assignments based around how to teach children in the most effective way,” Victery said. “It’s always important to remember that you can heavily impact these students' lives, your presence can influence a child for the rest of their life so take advantage of this opportunity.”

    Students in Education Professions are starting their rotations and are ready to effectively build strong relationships with the students and teachers. Victery has high expectations for her time at Eastridge, and is expecting to be treated with tons of excitement and love. 

    “My favorite experience was when I was working with a first grade class at Grassy Creek Elementary School; I created a bond with my students and it was difficult to leave,”  Victery said. 

    Victery is planning to attend Ball State University to pursue her bachelors in teaching, and wants to come back and work at a Warren Township Elementary School. Passionate students like Victery shows how effective the class is and why students should be encouraged to take it if they are interested in teaching.

    “I wish someone told me that teaching can be hard. When I imagined being a teacher, I always thought about how amazing it was going to be able to teach our future; however, it is challenging. Nevertheless, touching these students' hearts makes it worth it,” Victery said. “I am just drawn to the rewards and challenges of teaching as I wish to make a difference in individual's lives while also enriching my own.”