Reading is a very important element in many people’s lives, but sometimes deciding what to read next can be a challenge. These four books were chosen due to their variety in reader popularity, as in the number of people who actually know about the book. Two of these books are stand-alone books and the other two are the first in a series, making them great to read.

“It” by Stephen King

    “It” by Stephen King is a book about seven children who are terrorized by an evil demon who manifests and exploits their fears so that it can hunt them. As kids, they were attacked and antagonized, and although they made it out, the demon clown came back once again in their adult lives. They decide that they want to kill It for good and are successful in their efforts. After defeating It, the characters gradually begin to forget about the monster, their town and what happened during their time there. This book earns a four out of five because it is a very interesting book to read, despite its length. This book is a great read for fans of horror fictions because of its incredibly detailed scene set ups and the way he describes the situations that the characters are in.

“Cinder” by Marissa Meyer

    “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer is about a gifted cyborg mechanic who is unloved by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. She becomes intertwined with the happenings of the prince and is forced into the center of an intergalactic struggle and the need to figure out her forgotten past. This book deserves a four out of five because it seems like a great play on the fairytales that we grew up with, and it also leaves readers excited for what is to come with the next book in the series which is called Scarlet. This book is recommended for readers interested in dystopian fiction.

“The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak

    “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak is a story narrated by Death, and is about a girl growing up in Germany during World War II who steals books, learns to read and finds comfort in their words. Her family takes in a Jewish family, and in the end her and the Jewish son of the family are the only main characters who survive the war. This story seems to deserve a five out of five mostly for the fact that historical fiction stories like these, told through such an interesting narrator, are good stories to fall into. The story is interesting, the book length is not too long and the storyline is very easy to follow despite the narrator not actual going through the events he is explaining.

“Carve the Mark” by Veronica Roth

   “Carve the Mark” by Veronica Roth is about a farmer and oracle’s son who is gifted with a special power. Him and his brother are later kidnapped by soldiers and are thrusted into the world of a girl who is the sister of a brutal tyrant who uses her powers to torture his enemies.