On Sept. 6, popular Hip Hop artist Austin Richard Post, commonly known as Post Malone, released his third studio album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding” that is currently ranked no. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album’s 17 song tracklist contains four previously released songs such as “Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse),” “Goodbyes,” “Circles” and “Wow.” With songs like “Take What You Want,” Post Malone’s tone is much different compared to his previous albums as it contains various genres such as pop, trap and rap. 

    In “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” Post Malone features artists like DaBaby, Future, Halsey, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott, SZA, Swae Lee and Young Thug. This album alone has more features than his previous albums “Stoney” and “Beerbongs and Bentleys” combined. However, the album had an interesting pair of featured artists in the song “Take What You Want,” which features Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott. The genres of those individual artists are very different and to see them in the same song was surprising, but it worked well together in an unexpected way. The song also spurred jokes on social media about how Post put Osbourne in the music industry, which is far from the truth.  

    This album focused on blending together the sounds of different music styles. Post combined the genres of pop, rap and rock throughout the album, making for a unique sounding style. For example on the title track “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” in the beginning, it starts off nice and slow with an indie style of guitars, then switches into a more bass-heavy, rap influenced sound, only a minute after the song starts. The transition between the two styles is smooth and fits with how he goes into the next chunk of the song. Another example of Post combining styles is in “Internet.” It starts off with Post rapping over a softer sound and by the end of the song an orchestra and a piano can be heard playing in the background. The blending of styles made this album stand out notably in comparison to the other music releases lately.

    Unlike his previous albums, a couple of the songs told stories. “Enemies” featuring DaBaby, tells a small story about how Post had friends that attempted coming back around, now that he’s famous and how now they are enemies. “Goodbyes” tells a story about a toxic deteriorating relationship and how he’s no good at goodbyes.

    Overall, “Hollywood’s Bleeding” has a different feel than his previously released albums due to the amount of features, unique sound and the story style of writing in some of the songs. The album gets a 9/10 stars and can be streamed on iTunes, Google Play Music and Spotify.