Fall season has officially started. Inflatable swans and swimsuits are now on the clearance rack, and stores are now replacing them with artificial jack-o-lanterns, costumes and pumpkin swiss rolls. One of the most popular things to do during this season is to go to a haunted house. Haunted houses have been a great tradition in fall for many years, but maybe this year, it is time to step it up. Here are a few places in Indiana to visit that are legendarily haunted. 

Hell’s Gate (Diamond/Brazil, Indiana)

    A common folklore told by many is the seven gates to hell, there are many different versions of this story and different locations, but here in Indiana the seven hell gates are in Brazil, Indiana located throughout Wabash Valley. It is said that if you drive through all seven, once you pass through the seventh one you may see hell’s gate closing behind you. The legend is a train derailed off the top of the gates and killed everyone on the train and sent them to hell, leaving their spirits. In order to experience paranormal activity though, you have to visit the bridges at night. Rumors say there is a man that takes guard of the gate and will only appear if you have been under the bridge for 30 minutes. The man is said to be seven feet tall and will chase you if he sees you. It is also said that you can hear the cries of those killed on the train tracks, along with the chanting of past cult members deep into the woods. 

    Go through Brazil going north on the main road. You will go over a bridge then you turn left on 1500 road. Go down that street until you get to an old train tunnel. At this bridge, if you stop, flash your car light three times, go underneath the bridge and turn around, turn back around and stop in the middle of the bridge for 10 minutes, then the graffiti on the walls will start to glow and blood will start to seep down the walls. If you see your name on the wall and hear banging on your car windows and roof, drive out of the bridge once it stops, and if you see a tree with two kids hanging from it, do not stay and look around, drive away because legend states that seeing you name means you are going to die soon.

Whispers Estate (Mitchell, Indiana)

    Whispers Estate is said to be the most haunted place in Indiana. This 3,700 square foot home was built in 1899 for a couple--Dr. John Gibbons, and his wife, Jessie, along with their three adopted children. During their time living in the house, they suffered from many unexplained and tragic events. The first event was when there 10-year-old, Rachel, set the parlor in front of the house aflame. The little girl suffered from severe burns and died within 48 hours. After she passed away though, weird things started to happen. Homeowners have reported seeing a young girl who looked 10 or so wandering around the estate in different locations. Shortly after the doctor’s ten-month-old daughter, Elizabeth, died in the nursery room. Many people reported smelling baby powder and hearing the cries of a child as they walked by the room. The doctor and his wife grieved for the loss of their two daughters, when Jessie fell ill with a deadly case of pneumonia and died two weeks after the toddler. She died in the nursery room also, so people have reported hearing heavy breathing and faint coughing noises in the room also. As time went on, more tragic events occurred. A young boy died from many injuries after falling down a staircase and an old man in his 50s or 60s died of unknown causes inside the house. In 2006, an individual that purchased the estate decided to turn the place into a bed and breakfast. After many unexplained and paranormal events, the place was no longer used as a bed and breakfast but is still open to visitors that want to explore the house. 

Roads Hotel

    Roads Hotel is said to be the third most haunted place in Indiana. This hotel was built in 1893 and was ran by Newton Roads wife, Clara, and two children, Hazel and Everett, after he died. Death was fairly common at this hotel, Everett fell ill at the age of 19 and died in isolation and Clara and Newtons stepmother, Catherine, died on the property too. Two residents room that are known for higher levels of paranormal activity died on the property also. One resident was a preacher named Lester Pore, and he hanged himself in the attic while the other resident, a prostitute named Sarah, died from unknown reasons. Sarah’s room was quite interesting, there were many reports of seeing full body apparitions, and guest feeling brushed up against. Residence have reported seeing apparitions of men, women, and young children in the rooms and corridors. They also experienced lights being shut off, and doors being slammed shut with no explanation. It is rumored you can hear conversations between the dead if you listen closely. There is one room filled with dolls, and several disturbing voice phenomenons have been picked up. There is also one doll in particular that is known to move by herself or randomly fall on the floor. The hotel is still up and running, and profits that are earned from private investigations goes to a charity fund, the Lost Limbs foundation, which helps kids purchase prosthetics.