MikeMGTV and MacDoesIt are two YouTubers with over two million subscribers collectively. After gaining such a fan base, they grew to the point of being able to create their very own podcast: “Messy with Mac and Mike.” It features the pair talking about everything from Coachella to Game of Thrones, and that was just in the first episode. 

    Most people unfortunately did not find out about the podcast because Mac, who has the larger subscriber pool of 1.9 million, did not say anything about it until twelve episodes had already been produced, proving the name “Messy” as accurate to at least half of the podcast crew. The pair often cannot get through a sentence without bursting into laughter. Having done multiple videos with each other in the past, they already have really great chemistry with each other, on camera and off. 

    The podcast is a great way to stay connected with the creators, as they do not always update often, more specifically Mac. It allows them to explore more topics away from Youtube’s imminent fear of demonetization. As Mac and Mike are both members of the LGBTQ community, they often make videos about the community and their own sexualities.

    With the podcast, it functions as a great outlet for discussing topics the pair feel are “unsafe” for Youtube’s platform, as Youtube often shows bias towards many LGBTQ creators and topics. The podcast allows creators to keep their advertisement revenue and still getting to discuss topics they want to. 

    Another great thing about the podcast is they try to actively involve their audience, encouraging them to leave comments about a topic and even giving viewers a chance to design their intro. In the past, visual artists have been able to be highlighted by creators for their fanart designs. In a podcast however, where no visual effects are being shown, it gives audio mixers a chance to shine when they often do not get that opportunity. 

    Overall, the podcast has earned itself an 8 out of 10 for its diversity in topics, audience  engagement and being hilarious overall. If one is looking for a good podcast to listen in his or her spare time, this one would be a pretty good choice. Each podcast is an average of a little over forty minutes and can be found on major platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.