Letter From A Leader: Ilaina Razo (December 2019)

     Seven hundred and twenty. That’s about how many days you will spend in school from the first day of freshman year to the last day of your senior year. I, for one, have been counting the days until the end of my senior year with excitement. However, looking toward the future expectantly often leaves you forgetting to focus on the present. I ask myself frequently, “am I doing enough?” While many of my friends would say I do too much, I challenge myself every day to do something outside of my comfort zone. Whether it’s making a new friend, asking a teacher for help, or simply trying something new, I try to grow as a person each day. I try to focus on the now, because, in the long run, who you are in the future will be an accumulation of the experiences you have now. Each school day you could make an impact. At Warren, there are a plethora of opportunities to join clubs, connect with teachers, and engage with your peers. From spirit clubs and basketball teams to the performing arts and speech, there’s something for everyone. 

     When I think back to freshman year, I remember myself as shy, insecure and greatly intimidated by my new school of four thousand teens. Over the years, I have not only committed to maintaining a high level of academic success, but also worked to be involved after school. One of the most important decisions I made was to involve myself musically. Music led me to make so many amazing friends, and I discovered a lifelong passion. It brought me out of my shell, and I would not be the same person today had I decided not to join band. I chose to involve myself during and outside of each school day. I chose to make an impact every day a choice you could make. A choice to grow as a person and not let the seven hundred and twenty days between freshman and senior year go by. Ask yourself: “how can I be better than I was yesterday?”