Making a splash

     As the boys swimming and diving season begins, members are hoping to make great strides this year. With their first meet of the season completed, the team is ready to bring home more wins for Warren. 

     “This year, we are really capitalizing on our performance as a team, especially at practice when we all need to push each other to either go faster or just get through the set,” freshman Augustin Dao said. 

     Last season for the boys team was not as successful as past seasons. Last year, there was a lack of bonding amongst team members and not many participants, but they are working on it this year by doing more activities together outside of school such as bowling and laser tag. 

     The team has stronger swimmers this year that are dedicated to the team, and a strong senior lineup that has been leading practices. Members are continuing to push each other and holding each other accountable for what happens this season.

     “This current season leading into the first meet has been phenomenal,” Dao said. “Our team has very quickly become a small community ready to make some noise this season.”

     Their first meet was on Nov. 25 at Perry Meridian High School, and the boys won with a score of 111-65. With the team taking home a win, many are expecting great things from them this season. Each individual has many things they can bring to the team, and together they are hoping to achieve greatness. The team is ready to take on some of their tougher competitors such as Mount Vernon, Franklin Central and Pike. 

     “We need to get our mindset right and stop being so nervous before we swim,” senior Gavin Gullotto said. “In order for our team to succeed we need to be a team, we need to go to practice and get along with each other.”

     To prepare for the rest of the season, the boys are putting in a lot of effort at each practice to ensure a more successful year, and they are planning to bring home more wins. Each member has a goal, whether that is making it to state or impressing others with their improvement of skills, and are ready to take on their next competitors. 

     “I believe in positivity, family and sprite within the team and me to make the season great,” senior Johnathon Turner said. “I believe that if the team has a good connection with each other the team will do better. I always want everyone to be okay with everything that they do in their life and have fun when im swimming.”

     Seniors are doing everything they can to make sure the year will end as great as it can be. They are hoping to finish the season with a high win streak and create memories they will never forget. 

    “[The seniors’ philosophy is] if you want something then you have to work for it. Nothing is going to be handed to you. Waking up at 5 a.m. and not going to sleep until 11 p.m. is part of the struggle but in the end it shapes how you perform in meets and in your daily life,” Gullotto said.