The Lady Warriors plan to kick off this season with a positive attitude. They put in hard work as a team to achieve better end results this season. The team aims to grow together in order to compete better and place higher than last year.

    Although the team had difficulties last season with bonding and building relationships between the old and newer swimmers, coaches and swimmers have been working toward it with team bonding activities such as helping with the fall Sunny Heights fest.

     “The team is getting stronger in the weight room, conditioning and training in the pool,” Coach Sincroft said.

    Conditioning and training last from 5:30 a.m. during the week until 5:30 p.m. after school to prepare for the season. These sessions vary from the weight room to training in the pool.

    They aim to grow together and strengthen their bonds as a unity in order to make improvements this season. With everyone working hard towards the same goal and fixing minor issues, the team is on the road to success. It is clear that individual growth is the main factor that contributes to the team as a whole. A lack of support and positivity within the team can negatively affect everyone in one way or another. 

    “My favorite thing to watch is the growth of athletes,” Sincroft said. “I think the girl’s team is really deep and if they continue to work together and do what is best for the team they will finish the season with a great record, great memories and great time drops,” Sincroft said.

    The team won their first meet on Nov. 2 and several of the girls won their individual events as well. Ultimately, the girls placed high and this is a routine that they expect to keep up for the rest of the season. Their first meet established a satisfactory starting point for the girls to expand on for the season.

    “Everything ran smoothly, but as a team, we can work on keeping the high energy all the way through the meet,” junior Marlee Taevere said. 

    The girls plan to make significant improvements in the pool this season, as well as take on take on individual goals. 

    “I hope that this year, we will be able to have an abundance of wins and place top third for sectionals,” junior Angelina Griffin added. 

    With hard work and dedication, the Lady Warriors should be able to meet their goals and expectations for the season ahead of them.