“Last Christmas” is a romantic comedy featuring “Game of Thrones” actress Emilia Clark and “Crazy Rich Asians” actor Henry Golding as the leads. The movie follows the love story of Kate (Emilia Clark) and Tom (Henry Golding) who meet under unusual circumstances. The chemistry between the lead actors felt forced, and their characters fell in love fast and unrealistically. The plot was predictable as well, up until the miserable attempt at a plot twist.

     The movie begins with the main character, Kate, who uses a one night stand to secure a bed for the night, only to be kicked out by the hookup’s irritated girlfriend. 

     Just as life was looking bleak for Kate, she meets Tom outside of the shop she works at, and he does not miss a beat on starting to flirt. Tom appears in places around Kate sporadically throughout the movie, never keeps his cell phone on him and is always riding around on a bike. Even with that being said, nothing is out of the ordinary to Kate as she still agrees to go on random walks through narrow alleyways with him. 

     After taking a few walks and having a couple laughs, Tom and Kate start to show romantic attraction toward each other. However, the minor conversations they had in that period of time hardly amount to enough to justify having a relationship or feelings form at all. Except for the one major conversation where Kate opens up about how she does not know if she has the talent to make it as a performer. The plot did not develop the characters enough to make viewers see a connection between the two, making the relationship come across as forced and underdeveloped.

     At the end of the movie, the plot becomes predictable due to the rushed romance, the season it took place in, and the effort to make plot twists end up as confusing moments. Viewers find out during the movie that around Christmas a year ago Kate had a heart transplant. As the movie trudges along, Kate betters her life and herself then goes to Tom’s apartment to make amends with him. After arriving at the apartment, she met an estate agent who informed her that the apartment’s previous owner was killed in a bicycle accident a year ago and that the place had been empty during the process of retrieving and confirming the will of the person killed. Kate remembered Tom telling her that he put his phone in the cupboards and then proceeded to look for and eventually find Tom’s cellphone in the cupboard. With this discovery, Kate also found more than she bargained for, the truth about Tom. As it is revealed, Tom had never interacted with her at all during the entirety of the movie and turned out to be the donor of the heart she received. This one twist made the plot points from earlier in the movie confusing and left a lot of questions to be answered. Who buzzed her into the apartment? Who or what did she kiss earlier in the park? While intended to make the movie more complex, it ended up making the movie more difficult to understand.

     Overall, “Last Christmas” is not worth watching. The movie earned a 3 out of 10 stars because the leads did not have good chemistry together, the relationship between the two main characters felt forced, and the predictable plot was made confusing at the conclusion of the movie. As a whole, the movie did not live up to its hype and instead was just another Christmas movie among dozens.