Every January, people recite the well-known phrase “new year, new me.” For some, expectations are set too high and they spiral into a downfall, only to be reciprocated in the year to come. 

    Some people would agree that New Year's resolutions are meant to be achieved, but why not change the norm and create a goal that is meant to be achieved? A more simplistic, yet reliable set of goals that can create growth for bigger things. Here are a few everyday mini-goals to help start the process.

    Learn Something New. Learning something new keeps our minds active and sharp while becoming more aware. Healthy mind activities can include cooking, fishing, gardening or even learning a new language. Anything to keep one's own attention and challenges the brain can be positive. 

    Boost Your Confidence. Our own negative thoughts are what keep people down. People have to believe in themselves to be able to thrive, so give each other pep talks. In the end, their own self is what matters, therefore, believing in what can be accomplished can build your character and sense of being. 

    Eat Healthier. The better one eats the better they are going to feel. Even switching from a burger to a salad will go a long way. It will keep energy high and set oneself up for a longer life. Many people alter their diets to conform to healthier styles such as keto, vegetarianism and veganism. Although these are all based on personal preference, as long as they are eating right and making good choices, it should prepare them for a long life expectancy.

    Volunteer in the Community. Do more good in 2020. People are able to volunteer at soup kitchens or at events around the community. Some even participate on Good Deeds Day on March 29. Some places to get involved with are churches, food pantries, daycares and Gleaners. There are plenty of community-based aids all over Indianapolis, and it is never a bad thing to do things for others and the community. 

    Meditate and Relax. Reconnect with oneself. Meditation is a great way of training the mind. Anyone can meditate anywhere, at home, in the office or even outside. And there are plenty of apps for meditation for free making it easily accessible. With meditation, it's been proven it can improve memory, prevent Neuro diseases and even lower blood pressure, giving it many positive attributes.

    Exercise Everyday.Instead of jumping into a world of pain by starting with difficult workouts, try doing light workouts every day. Walking dogs, jogging or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, anything can help. As another idea make a workout plan. Something simple and easily commutable  while keeping active. Or, if organization is not a strong suit, there are plenty of YMCAs and local sports teams to get going. 

    Starting positive new habits is simple. It just takes self-control, time management, and starting small to make it come true. Although it is all up to the person to decide what you want to make happen.