Letter From a Leader

     “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” As a history teacher, I find myself telling the story of a person or event that often lulls several students to sleep throughout the day. Seeing this forces me to reflect on the story that’s being told, as well as the audience. Is this story boring? Is this chronicled event something that the audience needs to hear? Is this a story that is worth telling? My passion for history and storytelling leads me to emphatically answer no, yes, and yes respectively to these questions, even if my students disagree! 

     For decades, Warren Central has carried a strong tradition in education and innovation, and in that time, there have been thousands of passionate stories to be told. On the first day of school, my students are asked what they are passionate about in life. To all the students who are taking the time to read this, you are the next storytellers who are tasked to find their passion in life. In these fast four years at Warren, you will have the opportunity to make your own story and to bring real change to your school community. In order to tell your story and to bring about that change, you must first and foremost surround yourself with excellence. There are outstanding people throughout this school community who are passionate about their life, and they are not hard to find! They are in any club, any sport, in every school play, standing at perfect attention in the impressive ROTC program, writing insightful articles for The Owl… the list goes on! The commonality is their participation in the Warren community. 

     As one of the first ever editions of The Owl stated, Warren Central is “an enormous building… an excursion filled with questions and comments and expressions of thrills.” What can you add to this in the finite amount of time you have in this enormous, thrill-filled building? Take advantage of what is available to you everyday that you are here, get involved and leave this school community better than how it was found. If you do so, hopefully these can be four fast years worth of storytelling and passion.