Warren Central High School ended its four-year contract with Coca-Cola for a new partnership with Pepsi. As part of the transition, existing vending machines were replaced with new, light up, Go Wells Pepsi machines. The new machines feature products including Life Water, Aquafina, Gatorade, Dole apple juice, Propel, and Kick Starters. But the benefits of this change go farther than the product selection.

    “The contract is most definitely beneficial,” Principal Rich Shepler said. “I think the product really wanted to get into the school, so they [were] going to do what they need to do to assist us as a school. And overall, they came up with a much better contract. We tried to get assistance for students, but Coke wasn't giving anything in return. Pepsi is giving us money from sales that we can come back and use for student activities and needs.”

    Regarding the differing contracts, Coca-Cola and Pepsi had many contrasts. For instance, Pepsi agreed to give back a portion of its profits to the students, whereas Coca-Cola did not. Additionally, Pepsi not only donated coolers for the teacher’s lounge and cafeteria, but also offered easier communication with the school. 

    With the newness of the machines, students are fond of the variety, look, and ease of use. 

    “I feel like they are a great new addition to the school due to the new variety they bring and the longevity they have,” junior Jilana Carter-Bown said. “They will last long and with the multiple paying options, it will be way easier and quicker for students to get a quick drink while heading to their next class. 

    The new machines have multiple paying options including Apple Pay and credit card. While the old Coca-Cola machines frequently malfunctioned, the Pepsi machines are newer and seem more functional. The ability to use Apple Pay and credit cards has been more accessible to those who do not carry cash as well.

    With Pepsi becoming the new drink provider for Warren Central, it adds another new feature to the Warrior Nation. 

    “Overall I think it will make the students happier because now there are more choices. The choices are healthier now, so it’s a win-win,” senior Brooklyn Merrifield said.