THUMBS UP TO doctors and other medical professionals posting viral health videos on TikTok that help educate viewers on living a healthier life. TikTok stars such as Danielle Jones, an OB/GYN, teach viewers about safe sex and options available, meanwhile spreading reliable information.   

THUMBS UP TO black and African-American worker’s wages finally starting to rise. According to the New York Times analysis of government data, they found that there has recently been an increase in black workers wages after “lagging” for over a decade.

THUMBS UP TO the U.S. economy adding 225,000 jobs in January. They only expected 160,000 new jobs in manufacturing, but the number greatly exceeded their expectation, which leads to 61 percent of the U.S. population having jobs.  

THUMBS UP TO 30,000 pounds of leftover Superbowl food saved from the landfills and donated to local shelters in southern Florida. The foods include uneaten chicken wings, ribs, tenderloins and charcuteries from the VIP booths and concession stands. 

THUMBS DOWN TO women often being objectified and overly sexualized in the pop industry. Talent agents are often looking for women that are “thin” or “attractive,” which can lead to unhealthy habits and mental health issues for women participating in these auditions.  

THUMBS DOWN TO Mexican villagers forming an anti-cartel militia that led to the training and arming of young children. Due to the drug cartels’ violence, kidnapping and torturing, many believe training the children to fight as a last resort that they must act on. 

THUMBS DOWN TO around 25 Americans, among the other 135 residents on the Diamond Princess Cruise ship being infected with the Coronavirus. Japanese authorities are still testing passengers on the ship and are stuck at a harbor south of Japanese capital, Tokyo.

THUMBS DOWN TO a tanker exploding on I-465 heading to I-70 on the Eastside on Feb. 20. The driver was said to have lost control after turning around the curve on the ramp and hit the wall, causing the truck to overturn. Luckily, the driver is still alive but is critically injured