THUMBS UP TO New York placing a ban on the distribution of plastic bags as of March 1. Despite the ban angering many shoppers, stores ask customers to bring their own reusable bags. Many still offer paper bags, but shoppers have to pay a small fee for it. 

THUMBS UP TO architect Deanna Van Buren designing civic spaces that could replace the use of prisons. After hearing about restorative justice, Buren wanted to create facilities that focused on the positive growth of criminals' mindset, but also help communities that are hit hard with incarceration. 

THUMBS UP TO Apple agreeing to pay some iPhone users $25 each after a lawsuit was placed for slowing down older iPhones as newer ones were released. The settlement is $500 million and those with iPhones 6, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus and SE that ran iOS 10.2.1 or later are eligible. Those that were affected can file a claim for the $25, but if too many people file the amount could decrease. 

THUMBS DOWN TO a suicide bomber attacking the United States Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia. The attacker approached the building on a motorcycle and shortly after detonated the bomb, wounding several police officers. 

THUMBS DOWN TO not only the shortage of PPE for medical workers, but also civilians littering their surgical masks and gloves in the streets. The littering of these products not only increases the chance of someone being exposed to Covid-19 but also completely defeats the purpose of using this kind of equipment. 

THUMBS DOWN TO the Greek government detaining migrants at a secret location before sending them to Turkey. Those that were interviewed about the situation claimed they were beaten and dragged away from their homes without being given the chance to speak to a lawyer or claim asylum.