Prom Dress Trends

    April is the month that every high school student dreams of - prom season. Everyone wants their dream dress and 2020 has had many different styles, varying from traditional to eccentric. Here are a few of the most popularly picked prom dress styles for 2020.

High Low Dress

    A High-Low dress is an easy walking style dress as the front typically stops right above the knees while the back glides across the floor, leaving a long tail. Giving an easily accessible way to move around and dance, this dress can be used for any occasion. Ranging from highly formal to extremely casual, this dress is a go-to for many occasions.

Ball Gown Dress

    There are not many things more traditional than a ball gown style dress. It is one of the first styled dresses to hit formal fashion culture. As the years went on from the 1800's, women wore big round styled dresses from casual to strictly formal occasions only due to the flash and new laws for women and pants. Nowadays, ball gown dresses are used for Quineneras, weddings, proms and any formal occasion where the focus is on a single person.

Illusion Dress

    The Illusion dress is a style that just started becoming popular in recent years. With a sparkly, Lacey or webbed neckline, the dress slowly fades from a sheer almost unclothed look to a thicker ruffled or skin-tight sheer feel. Popular with celebrities and typically worn for formal occasions this dress fits perfectly for prom season. This dress works in several types of weather as well, since its versatile sleeve to sleeveless look comes in many variations.