After a successful two seasons, Netflix has released a third season of On My Block, a show about four teenagers- Cesar, Monse, Ruby and Jamal- who grow up in the hood of South Central Los Angeles. 

In the first two seasons of the show, the teens go through a variety of obstacles in their everyday lifestyles. One of the biggest mini-plots in the show during the first season includes Jamal, who finds $250,000 worth of stolen money from a heist that two previous, but now deceased, Santos members pulled off and buried before being arrested. The main plot that these mini-plots build off of is saving Cesar from getting into gang life. However, this effort seems nearly impossible since Cesar’s whole family has been involved with the Santos gang for generations. After another teen named Latrelle, who is their age, threatens Cesar’s life at gunpoint for crossing gang borders in South Central Los Angeles. 

Cesar’s older brother, Spooky, who is also a key leader in the Santos gang, tells Cesar that the only way to retaliate is to kill Latrelle. However, when Cesar hunts Latrelle down at a park with Spooky, he follows Latrelle to the bathroom where he then holds Latrelle at gunpoint. But he decides he cannot do it, covering up the failed mission by shooting in the toilet bowl and telling Latrelle to leave town. For this season, they eventually succeed until the season ends with an ultimate cliffhanger. Latrelle shows back up at the Quinceanera of the group’s friend, Olivia. Instead of choosing the route Cesar chose, Latrelle decides to fire two shots aimed at Cesar but ends up hitting Ruby and Olivia. 

In the second season, it is a continuation of where the show leaves off. Sadly, Olivia passes away, not surviving the shooting, while Ruby does. Furthermore, they are left with the huge dilemma of Latrelle, the murderer of Olivia, who is still on the loose and being hidden by the Prophets. With this knowledge, the young teens are incredibly paranoid and suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after the shooting. They are always on alert, watching their surroundings and hoping the Prophets do not try to come back and finish the job. Despite the adversity, they still have a lighter problem on their hands. They have to clean the money they found from the Santos heist. The way they chose to launder the money ends up putting all the blame on their neighborhood’s rival gang: the Prophets. The season ends with the Prophets all being arrested when the dirty money surfaced and the Prophets seemed guilty behind the heist. The teens are then kidnapped, where the season ended with a cliffhanger

Right off the bat in the third season, the action hit instantaneously. While it picked up exactly where it left off, with the group of friends kidnapped, it ends up being by the head of the gang that Cesar is a legacy in. Instead of the kidnapping being hostile, the head of the gang, Cuchillos, had them brought to her so she could thank them for single-handedly bringing down the entirety of their rival gang. After this, plot twists begin to hit episode after episode. While the plots could have been gold in the show, it all was very rushed, putting life changing events in the lives of these teens in the show right after another.