“I work at an essential store, so I’ve been buying things that I see there like puzzles, coloring books and painting supplies. Painting recently became something that I picked up again, and it’s great to pass time. I’m not the best, but I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials to help me get better. I have also reorganized my room countless times, but I think I’ve run out of layout ideas during the quarantine.” 


                                            -Valeria Moreno, 12 

“I’ve been keeping myself productive by going to work and since I'll be playing college soccer I’ve been playing and practicing in my backyard getting in shape and prepared for it. Been focused on my e-learning and staying safe, healthy and relaxed.” 


                                               -Saul Lechuga, 12

“My way of staying productive through this quarantine has been binge-watching ‘Vampire Diaries’ for the millionth time and other shows on Netflix. I’ve also been reading, drawing and practicing my makeup skills. I attempted a 14-day workout challenge and failed miserably… So I think I’ll be sticking to my Netflix. Music has been key in helping me stay sane through this too!”   


                                             -Brittany White, 12

“Even though this quarantine had been extremely difficult for all of us, I was lucky enough to keep my job and maintain steady hours even during the pandemic. The family time has been a big bonus too.”


                                                   -Luke Mullin, 12

“Lately, the only thing i’ve been doing is working. Since I’ve been social distancing, I've been saving all my money, not that there was anything open anyways. People are very generous with tips these days! Instead of spending my check, I’ve mainly been spending my tips. Now I’ve been entertaining myself with finding new websites to buy from. Every week I get a new package.”


                                    -Andrea Henriquez-Villanueva, 12