Last month, Netflix released its another version of a reality television show: “Too Hot to Handle.” In this new show, a cast of ten attractive single people are put on an island resort to be recorded remedying their bad habits.

     Reality television gets a bad reputation in pop culture. From “Real Housewives” to “90 Day Fiance,” there never really is a plot to reality television. Producers simply create atmospheres for semi-famous or problematic people to explode and start conflicts with each other. The drama is what keeps audiences entertained. However, instead of letting the cast members continuously embarrass themselves, Netflix decided to create a reality television series that focuses on growth rather than letting everything implode.

     In “Too Hot to Handle,” the group are given the objective to refuse both kissing and any sexual contact. If they decide to do any of the banned activities, then they are fined anything from $3,000 to $20,000. However, if they successfully restrain themselves from temptations, they sustain a pot of $100,000 that is spread amongst the group. This is all done in the hopes of teaching these guys and girls how to build a strong and long-lasting bond that goes further than a physical relationship. 

     The show’s producers chose the cast based on their real-life situations. They chose a somewhat diverse cast of handsome and gorgeous men and women with an exterior that showed they were having multiple unhealthy relationships with random people. These can range anything from an outstanding amount of one-night-stands to flings. They put them with each other with the hopes of being able to turn around their bad habits and motivate them to do better for themselves in relationships, looking for quality over quantity. Instead of cringing through the cast’s bad decision or shaking heads on how the cast never learns from their mistakes, the audience can marvel at the quick improvements that they make throughout the workshops and cry alongside the members while they make breakthroughs with their emotional sides to ensure the best relationship with each other. The producers also bring in experts of emotional and spiritual connection to give the cast workshops on how to treat oneself and others with respect.

     While all of the main members of the cast of “Too Hot to Handle” show quite prominent developments, notable relationships or people to watch throughout the series are David, Rhonda, Sharon, Haley and Matthew. These members display the worst and best qualities in people who are trying to change. Most of these notable people made amazing and admirable changes to their daily lives, but one rejects the purpose of the trip, effectively getting kicked off the resort. 

     “Too Hot to Handle” receives 10 out of 10 stars because of the effectiveness of its message and revolutionary idea of reality television, exhibiting how many are willing to do better for themselves while others seem too hard to get to. It does not just display the bad sides or drastic measures these people go to, but it also shows the humane side to reality television stars and how easily their habits can be managed if they are given the time of day.