Due to the quick and hazardous spread of COVID-19, schools across America suspended in-person learning, with many resorting to e-learning as an alternative. As a result of the cancelation of the traditional school year, seniors were unable to receive the celebrations they have been looking forward to since the start of their high school year. However, instead of focusing on the negatives, seniors are choosing to look at the fun times they were able to have throughout their high school career.

    Brittany White  

”One of my favorite memories was senior night at the basketball game when we all dressed up in early 2000s clothes and we were all [vibing]. I got to walk out with my friend and we just had a really good time.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mark Turentine

“I think my favorite memory was last [year's] Valentine's Day. Which was only made possible with the help of Mrs.Cartwright. The girl who accepted to be my valentine shared two classes with me. The idea was to have a gift sent to her each period I didn’t have with her. So when I did see her in class she was so confused. She had told me that her mom came to the school and dropped off her favorite snacks. But I knew the truth. I enjoyed seeing her happy, and that made me happy. I’ll never forget that.”

  Aniah Miles

”My favorite memories from senior year include the dance battles that occurred after the morning pep rallies and all of the football games I attended. Those times genuinely felt like I was surrounded by friends and family, and everyone was just having fun. Never a dull moment with the class of 2020.”

                                                                                          Sarah Starks

“I would say one of my favorite high school memories is probably football season during my junior year. I went to all the games that year, we didn’t lose once and it was amazing to watch!”

           Bria Lewis

“Though my senior year was cut short, I still have lots of fond memories from my past four years.  One of my favorites would have to be from running track. The senior class has stayed pretty close since we were all freshmen. The track meets and practices were always fun despite the pain, injuries and the very crazy weather. It was a great experience to run with those girls all four years.”