Jumpstart Junior Tutoring Program still aims at helping students.

     As of now, times now and looking forward are pretty hectic, and many students are engaging in unfamiliar learning environments. However, the junior tutoring program, Jumpstart: a student learning alliance, has a mission to not let these questionable times affect the quality of the junior class’s education.

     “We are experiencing something that we've never experienced before. Everyone is handling and responding to the situation differently. The most important thing is to stay connected to the students and to the school so that we can help and offer whatever type of academic support we can. We still want to help create a sense of familiarity and normalcy to the academic process,” sponsor and director Carpia Naylor said. 

     Born from the desire for a tutoring program for juniors, since freshmen and sophomores have their own, the group does not plan on not letting the current events hinder their tutoring experience. Much like the classes motto “be intentional,” the tutors plan on spending this time productively despite the complexities during e-learning. 

     “It's important to stay connected to the school and the students during this time because we are a resource. Many students are not getting proper lessons from teachers or full in-depth explanations from their assignments and we are here to help that issue,” president Mariyah Jones said.  

     The program was made with students in mind and meant to make sure that struggling juniors are put on the right path to success. The tutors offer a wide variety of subjects such as math, history, English, and aim to spread even farther in order to be able to cater to the needs of every junior who needs it. 

     “As academic coach for the class of 2021, my primary responsibility is to help ensure that each and every student is supported academically,” Naylor said, “I noticed, however, that there was not an after school tutoring service that was offered to this class, and therefore, decided to create one. I took a group of very motivated and committed students from the class of 2021 and voila we've been going strong ever since.”

     Though many plans for the group had to be cancelled or postponed because of a lack of resources due to not attending school, the board members still make sure to meet online and discuss the program’s future, including a potential website they hope to design. 

     “It has been a big change for me not being able to meet with the board in person and be able to work on things as a group at once, but we’re hoping to be able to have all of the members on the meeting call so we can actually get things going because we still have a lot to cover,” vice president Destiny Klinglesmith said. 

     The group has consistent meetings that allow them to communicate effectively when deciding the next step to take. Whether it be just to check in on the tutors or to discuss a major plan and how to put it into action, the ‘scholars’ of Jumpstart are never out of the loop with each other. 

     “Zoom has allowed us to keep everything going and keep ideas coming (such as how to promote the program. We need to stay connected to keep up-to-date on everything that is happening, for school credits, and for our mental stability,” administrative assistant director Mya Rodrigues said.

     Though times are uncertain, the Jumpstart student learning alliance is certain that they will do their best to bring juniors a positive virtual tutoring experience whenever they require it.

     “Jumpstart is a support service that was created ‘by the students, for the students’. It is an opportunity to connect with fellow class of 2021 peers academically and personally. It is a service that not only strengthens the academic outcomes of the students involved, but also provides leadership and other soft skills development for our students,” Naylor said.

     So far, the program has not just benefitted the tutees involved in the program, but also the tutors and board members as well. This program has given them the opportunity to learn  leadership skills they may not have had a chance to learn otherwise.

     “The program still keeps me on a schedule and gives me more stability on a daily basis. It also allows me to keep up with familiar faces of friends and mentors,” Rodrigues said. 

     The program is available to every member of the class of 2021, and each member is actively encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. The group meets every Thursday at 2 p.m., the link for the virtual meeting is available on canvas or from email.

     “I think Jumpstart is an amazing way to get help from your peers and form a relationship between a tutor and tutee that could go beyond academics; a possible friendship,” Rodriques said. 

The Jumpstart Peer Tutoring board members meet with Mrs. Carpia 
Naylor during their weekly tutoring session. This was the last in
person session held before the school was shut down due to
                                                                         photo by: Naomi Eastman