Insight on Ella Qualkenbush golf team captain

     Senior Ella Qualkenbush is Captain of the Warren Central golf team, but this is just one of her many achievements. 

     “I’ve won two ‘setting a good example awards’, one for golf and the other one for general athletics. [I’ve]also [won] a Goldy for best girl golf player,” Qualkenbush said. “I’ve [also] been recognized by corporate at work several times for activities we have going on that I've helped with, an essay I've written, and also how we’ve been able to keep the residents active during COVID.”

     Alongside school and work, Golf is something that has been on her agenda since sixth grade, which is about seven years now. 

     “Golf is definitely something more girls should consider playing. It’s a great way to earn scholarships and make connections with the people around you,” Qualkenbush said.

     The Warren Central golf team consists of three girls which gives them all great opportunities. The girls practice Monday through Thursday, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., and have about three matches a week. 

     “Golf is going to be an important part of my future. It's going to help me earn scholarships and get me through college,” Qualkenbush said.

     Colleges, tests, and grades begin to play a bigger role in the life of a senior. These things can put a lot on one plate. Learning to prioritize is a skill that will come in handy when participating in more than one activity. Going to school, playing a sport, and having a job is a big responsibility, but Qualkenbush was able to adapt to the position. 

     “I had to drop all my other extra curricular activities just so I could focus on golf. I knew that golf was a very valuable part of my future, and I needed to work hard at it,” Qualkenbush said. “I work at GreenBriar assisted living. Making time for both work and golf, can definitely be a challenge, but before anything, I put school first.” 

     Juggling activities alongside being a good scholar in high school has been a learning experience for Qualkenbush. She has taken several Dual Credit classes such as US history, Criminal Justice I and II,  and Government. In addition to those, AP language and literature.

     “Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way, but I'm glad I learned how to manage my time more appropriately as I got older,” Qualkenbush said.

     Qualkenbush is passionate about school, her job, and golf which is another reason that she is able to succeed.

     “Both the residents and the golf have impacted me a lot, so I make sure they both get a lot of my time,” Qualkenbush said.

     As a senior, the thought of colleges and universities is always on the agenda.

     “I’m looking at Rockford University, Hanover College, and Franklin College. They all have the environment I'm looking for. I also think they will provide me with the best opportunities in my future,” Qualkenbush said.