Star Wars: New Gaming Hope

     In a distant galaxy, far away, fans are feeling the hype of the new addition to the Star Wars saga. Luckily for players here, the wait is over as the game drops today.

     “Star Wars: Squadrons” is one of the newest games to the Star Wars video game saga and is cross-compatible. It is based around what Star Wars fans wanted: to fly around in one of movie’s most iconic fighter ships.

     The game begins when the players select one of the ships from The Galactic Empire or The New Republic Navy. Players can use the movement of power between the ship's functions to defeat their opponents in combat. The ships from the Galactic Empire do not have shields, resulting in other additions to their class to give players of both teams equal opportunities to win. As players earn more experience, they can unlock new weapons, shields, upgrades and various skins for the pilot and their ship.

     The controls are easy to understand and master, offering smooth gameplay for fans. The modes themselves are what makes the game new. The story mode is a lot different than every other game, because instead of you choosing one side, in this game, you play as two pilots in both The Republic and The Empire. Next is Dogfight, which is an airborne version of Team Deathmatch. Finally, there is Fleet Battle, which is every Star Wars space fight mashed into one.

     The game offers one feature that a lot of games do not have at launch: cross-compatibility. When a game has cross player capabilities, anyone who has the game can play with someone else who also has it, even on a different console. 

     Players can also use Virtual Reality to play the games through the eyes of the protagonist. “Star Wars: Squadrons” can play on Xbox, Playstation, or on any Virtual Reality headset, allowing gamers to sit in the cockpit and take control of their own ship, all while relaxing at home.

     As for the game’s maps, they will be based off of the movies, so players will be able to fly a X-Wing over the frozen planet of Hoth, or pilot a Tie Interceptor above the volcanic hellscape of Mustafar.

     It is scheduled for release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today for the price of $40.00.