Beauty salons reopening

Beauty salons reopening

311 hair salon reopening

Owner, Jamaica Daulton, gives an inside look on how her business has changed due to the pandemic

     During this pandemic, some small businesses have adjusted to the new normal by taking extra precautions, while others have closed entirely. 

     Jamica Daunlton, owner of the 311 Hair salon revealed how running her business has changed amid the pandemic.

      At the 311 hair salon, people are allowed to come in, but clients must have an appointment and only customers are allowed inside, in an effort to keep everyone safe. The salon only allows one customer to be served at a time and the stylists are thoroughly disinfecting the salon after seeing each client.  

     “It’s been kind of rough during the pandemic having to use extra precautions to stay clean,” Daunlton said. “With [the] change in procedure, everyone must sanitize their hands and wear a mask. Also, every station in use has to be wiped down after every client. Along with sanitizing before closing.” 

     In addition to updates in the sanitation procedures, other changes have also occurred. Employees began to switch shifts so others could work more hours. Product availability for everything from cleaning supplies to hair supplies has also been challenging during the pandemic. Daunlton has had success finding many of her supplies online.

     Ever since the virus began to spread, Daunlton revealed that her business has met new challenges. 

     “The business coming in 311 has slowed down, with fewer people coming in,” Daunlton said.

     With fewer customers brings decreased revenue, so managing expenses has become increasingly difficult. 

     “With all of our schedules changing. being able to keep up with expenses has been harder,” Daunlton said.

     Running a small business amid the pandemic is challenging and Daunlton has a piece of advice to share.

      “Stick to your sanitation rules and wear a mask so that you can continue to operate and serve the community,” Daunlton said.