The new season of basketball is in the near future and the boys team is already in a good position as they are coming off of a 2019-2020 winning season. The players have new expectations for this season.

     Tryouts are to be held on the week of Nov. 9th. Upperclassmen are preparing to make another run at a successful season and freshmen are looking to make a new start. Players have pushed themselves hard to make the basketball team.

     “I’m going to follow the coaches directions closely, hustle all around, talk all the time [on the court] while going through plays. Just be an athlete all around. Go hard every time. Just have fun as well,”  senior Mikal Clarke said.

     A basketball tryout during the 2020 season will be different from a tryout in 2019 due to COVID-19. COVID-19 has affected everything in the world and now school sports are facing the effects of the virus. Players are experiencing the effect of the virus and each have their own opinion.

     “I don’t like it as much, but like, it is what is, you know? It’s not really affecting how I play too much and I think I could adapt to it,” freshman Dayron Davis said.