For viewers in need of a teenage drama with some comedic relief that touches on real-world problems, check out the movie “Unpregnant.”

     This movie stars Veronica Clark  (Haley Lu Richardson), a high school girl who gets pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. When her boyfriend proposes to her, Veronica knows that it would not work out with him. When the whole school finds out that some girl in the school is pregnant, everyone tries to figure out who it is. Since Veronica does not want any of her friends to find out it was her, she turns to her former best friend, Bailey Butler (Barbie Ferreira). 

     Veronica has to secretly find the closest clinic that will do surgery on her without her mom finding out. So she called the closest clinic that was in the state of Missouri, which told her that they could not do anything for her without her parents’ consent. Then, Veronica looks up the closest clinic that performs surgery on women under 18 and the only one was able to perform on her was in the state of New Mexico.   

     This movie is really important for teenage viewers because it has a good representation of the issues women face, such as abortion rights. One of the issues highlighted in the film is what teenage girls and women have to go through in order to get an abortion, particularly those under the age of 18. At most clinics, women have to be 18 to get an abortion alone or if they are younger than 18, they have to have one of their parents with them.

     The film also touches upon Pro-life versus Pro-choice. When Veronica and Bailey are pulling up to the abortion clinic they see a handful of people standing outside of the clinic. The people were holding signs they were saying “ you’re making a big mistake” or “abortion is murder.” 

     It also discusses the LGBTQ+ community. When Veronica and Bailey are looking for a ride back to where they are going at the fairgrounds, Bailey sees a girl that she thinks is cute. Veronica suspects something and asks Bailey if she is a lesbian, and Bailey says yes. Veronica was so happy that Bailey could be open with her. 

     With a rating of PG-13, this movie offers a good understanding of what women have to go through in their day-to-day life. The friends run into so many problems including a crazy boyfriend, pro-lifers, and police. 

     Ever since this movie came out, it has been a massive hit, earning praise for its representation. 

     Jennifer Green from “Common Sense Media” said that this is “an energetic BFF road movie with pro-choice and feminist messages, this movie relies on some high school stereotypes and gender clichés, mostly about boys, but manages to resist predictability.”

     Despite all the bad things that happen to the two best friends, this movie is one of the best movies to watch with friends. It offers laughs, while also touching upon major problems in the world today. For those in need of an amazing movie with a great representation of abortion rights, Pro-life versus Pro-choice, LGBTQ+ characters, and two best friends that would do anything for eachother, watch “Unpregnant.” This movie deserves a 4/5 rating, and can only be watched on the HBO Max app.