Last season girls swimming ended with a final sectional meet, with no girls advancing to state. Now the Lady Warriors are looking to improve this season with new goals and new talent. 

     “We aren’t sure about our future meets, but our team has committed to making sure we can all have fun while managing to stay safe this season,” senior Maria Hernandez said. 

     The expectations for this season are growth, personal, and swimming growth. The work ethic that the girls swim team has shown has made it possible for the girls to work together to push each other and support one another from the top to the bottom in tough times. 

     “[Coronavirus] has affected the swimmer turnout this year as some elected to stay home but while this is true, the biggest goals we are working on are being tough in the face of adversity and working through them to continue meeting our goals as a team,” said Coach Sincroft. 

     The Lady Warriors have practiced and conditioned since the beginning of October and while it is early in the season, this year is looking to be one of the toughest and most exciting girls swim teams yet. With the precautions and safety measures being taken, the girls are set to compete against Guerin at Warren on Oct. 21 at 10:00 a.m.  The amount of support and the strong work ethic has proven to be a major game-changer as swimmers are working to grow more this season.  

     As the swim team has had a low swimmer turnout, students are still welcome to join. Practices are held every day from 3-5 p.m. and the team is always looking for anyone interested in learning how to swim or needing something to stay active. Any girls interested in joining the team are welcome to email sincroft


     Maria Hernandez (girls varsity team captain)   I think that the underlined is what I am considering using. 

     “ I expect this season to be extremely different at meets due to the new COVID restrictions and the loss of many seniors that graduated. This year due to the covid guidelines we have assigned lanes, daily temperature checks, covid questions, and we have to wear masks at our meets. At our meets, we don’t know how our seating will look or how volunteers and swimmers will stay safe at meets. We also aren’t sure if we can have our bigger meets like sectionals and county this season. Our team and our goals are mostly committed to making sure we can all have fun while still managing to stay safe so we can have our full season. As an individual staying on top of my school work helps me focus and with an even bigger role such as being a team captain. I find it more important than ever to give everything I have left to the sport and make the most out of my senior year so I have no regrets when the season is over. The girls on our team including myself are always continuously working to make sure we all connect as one team instead of separate groups. Overall we can work on our communication skills including on our bad days so we can vocalize what is bothering us or if we have different ideas. Communication would eliminate issues and give better ideas and greatly improve our teamwork. Overall my expectations for this season are limited but I am hopeful for a safe and full season ahead.” 

     Sincroft: Still have to interview him *he told me to not try and interview him during the main set 

      How are our meets looking like for this season? 

     “Our meets depending on who we are going against can have restrictions varying from masks to how many swimmers both boys and girls that we can take. This season our meets are going to be more selective as to who is going to get us the most points. Who is going to bring that positive winning attitude to the table? Whatever each swimmer brings to the table is going to end up determining what the roster for each meeting is going to be like.”