The 2020 election had a series of ups and downs, but these six diverse and progressive women are ready to bring about change for everyone. Before the election, many were worried about the direction the country was headed but after the election results were announced, many found hope again, starting with these six women.

     Congresswoman Cori Bush has made history by becoming Missouri’s first Black Congresswoman after the 2020 election. Not only has she been an active activist in the Black Lives Matter Movement, but she managed to unseat 10 term and undefeated Democratic Representative, William Lacy Clay. Between running from an abuser, being a single mother and successfully recovering from COVID-19, Bush has lived a hard life, but in a victory speech she gave Tuesday she said she is now ready for both herself and her city to “finally start living.” Many are ready to see what this powerful woman is going to do while in office, and to the communities she represents she leaves them with this, “So, as the first Black woman, and also the first nurse, and single mother to have the honor to represent Missouri in the United States Congress let me say this: To the Black women, the Black girls, the nurses, the essential workers, the single mothers—this is our moment.

     New York’s U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, otherwise known as AOC, is a strong and well accomplished woman that is devoted to fighting for social, racial, and economic justice. The current issues she is fighting for are medicare for all, housing, public safety, immigration, recovery for Puerto Rico, and lastly public education. Not only is she a great role model for young women, she is an example of how you can make the best of your situation. Growing up in Bronx, New York under two working-class parents, AOC learned at a young age the issue with income inequality, and since has dedicated her life to supporting those that are born into poorer situations. In her first term as a representative, she managed to work with other activists to lower the cost of prescription drugs, introduced the Green New Deal resolution, distributed 100,00 masks and 80,000 meals to communities for COVID relief and so much more. Her fight for justice is not yet over, and after being re-elected for another term, the lasting impact she leaves will be even greater. 

     Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is continuing to make history by not only being the first woman, but also the first Black and South Asian Vice President. While there is controversy on Harris' beliefs, the message that is being sent from her and Joe Biden’s victory is the progression that our country has made, considering there is a Black and Asain woman sitting in the second most powerful position possible, which means a change is coming. Being a child of two immigrant parents, she has a deepened knowledge of both immigration dynamics as well as how the justice system affects the Black community, which means that by having her in office she is the key to the complete reform of the justice and immmigration system. Many experts are expecting Biden to spend his time as President relying on his administration, as well as former prosecutors, but with a strong and progressive woman standing with him, our society can continue moving forward. 

     Delaware State Senator-elect Sarah McBride breaks all time history by becoming the first transgendered woman in office. Since McBride was young, she was a person with a very progressive mindset and has always been for community advocacy. As for politics however, her story started in 2013 after she joined the Board of Directors of Equality in Delaware. She later became the leading advocate for Delaware’s non-discrimination legislation, and since has worked with state leaders to expand health care coverage as well as working to protect youth from child abuse. She continues to fight for the human rights and equality of each community and individual, and is planning to continue her fight for justice when she is sworn in early January. According to McBride’s campaign website, her vision is “ I want us to live up to our values as a state of neighbors. But change only happens when people with big ideas and the courage to get them done step forward. That’s why this campaign matters.”

     Black politician, lawyer, rights activist and author Stacy Abrams continues to amaze individuals after leaving her role as Georgia’s Representative in 2017. In this deep-south state, Abrams has been actively working to bring out the voices of Democratic voters for years and played a key role in Biden taking the lead in Georgia. Not to mention she dedicated her education and career to the betterment of the citizens in Georgia, which had led to her founding the New Georgia Project. While she was in office, she went out of her way to recruit, train, elect and even defend Democrats in an attempt to reduce Republican power in office, and continues to uplift democratic voters to vote for the changes they want to see made. While Abrams may be out of office, she is still contributing to better her communities and fight for equality and voting rights. 

     Massachusetts Representative Ayanna Pressley is an activist and an advocate, but is also the first woman of color to be elected into Congress in Massachusetts. Pressley stands for not only issues she has personally dealt with, but also fights to stop the institutionalized racism, income equality and overall the rights of her city. Growing up, Pressley’s father was in and out of the criminal legal system, and with her mother being a rights organizer, Pressley learned about civic issues as a young age. Because of that, in her campaign she addresses common political issues, as well as ones many look over, such as transforming the criminal justice system, the impact of violence and trauma, as well as a simple and human immigration system. Pressley has been in office since 2019, and with a mindset of “the people closest to the pain should be closest to the power” her supporters are expecting her to continue doing great things for them.