The Dental program offers oral experience and lectures on dental health, allowing students to learn about dental assisting and dental hygiene. 

     The goal of this course is to provide students dual credit and help them become prepared for their test in the spring.

     Although the goals of the course have remained the same, there have been some changes in the day-to-day operations to accommodate COVID-19 guidelines.

     “Since COVID-19, we have to work in very small groups, stay socially distant and, of course, keep our mask on,” instructor Christina Harris said.

     The Dental program is among the Walker Career Center courses that are still meeting during the school closure. They are following the district's S.A.F.E. reopening plan.

     “We will still come in for in-person classes as long as we are still allowed,” Harris said. “But we will still have to follow the same guidelines of COVID-19 before virtual classes.”

     According to Harris, students are learning how to chart, how to suction, intraoral skills, how to place a dental dam, and how to place a matrix band.

     Learning these skills will help students acquire their DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) after completing the class which will help them pursue more careers within the dental industry including Dental Public Health and Orthodontics. 

     According to senior Alexyss Cox, she is taking this class because she wants to become an orthodontist and dental is something she's wanted to do for a long time. The importance of the dental class is to know what you are doing, it also teaches you what to expect in actual dental offices. 

     “When I'm in my dental class, it's honestly so much fun and really cool because you're learning new things. Since it's so hands on and the things you do just stick with you,” Cox said. 

     Students believe the Dental class is setting them up for success by teaching them new skills needed for dental hygiene and leading them to a more advanced career with dental.