John Wick, the world’s greatest hitman, known as “Baba Yaga, The Boogeyman,” is known far and wide as a professional vigilante. He has appeared in four movies about himself, and now he’s starring in his own personal game. Even though his game came out already, that doesn’t mean he can’t expand to other systems, like the Xbox 1.

     John Wick: Hex is a timeline strategy game where players’ actions are planned out like a movie-styled chess game. The game has basic strategy elements, like choosing certain actions if the player’s in an encounter, picking what you need, and what you don’t want, and what weapon you used to attack, but what makes this game different is that fact that it has a timeline. This timeline allows the game to function as a strategy game, because for every move the players make, the game will see it and imprint it onto the timeline. As soon as the player finishes the level, the game will rewind to the start and instead of the players playing the level, it will play through the entire level like a scene from a John Wick Movie.

     Hex, an international criminal mastermind, abducts Winston and Charon of the New York Continental as an act of rebellion against the High Table and stows them away at an undisclosed location. In response, a contract is put out by the High Table to retrieve them and John Wick is dispatched to ensure that the job is done. The plot follows Wick in his prime as he sets out to dismantle Hex's network of underbosses and enforcers across New York and Switzerland on his way to end Hex's reign and reassert the High Table's dominance.

     The price on the game is $19.99. Although it’s not out yet for the Xbox 1, gamers can preorder the game on any website that has the game in stock. It comes out for the Xbox 1 and the Nintendo Switch on Dec. 4.