The last thing everyone wanted was returning to virtual learning. We know it is for the best, that everyone should stay inside for the safety of others, but the real question shouldn’t be “why are we on lock down again?” it should be “Why did no one listen the first time?” The amount of people not taking the virus as seriously as they should is really disappointing.

        With the uncertainty of the future to come, and my generation on the brink of being thrown full force into the real world, a lot of us are apprehensive to plan too far ahead into the future, as we have no idea what a future for us will look like. That unknowing feeling, and having even less control of your life than you did before takes a heavy toll on a person, especially young people like us. We have the expectations set for us based on an old world that will never exist again. At the end of the day though, all we can really do is make sure we give our all for our school work, right?

        Well unfortunately that is not an option for everyone, demonstrated by the fact that dropout rates are very likely to grow a lot higher than typical years, as predicted by McKenzie & Company’s article “COVID-19 and student learning in the United States: The hurt could last a lifetime.” The in-person settings at school provided a certain level of structure for students who lack it at home, and the fact that that structure has been 100% eliminated for the foreseeable future, many are just throwing in the towel now before they dig themselves a deeper hole. 

        I’ve seen all over social media students bashing teachers over the coursework they’re given despite these “troubling times,” and while it is fairly easy to blame the immediate figure right in front of you, we should take into consideration that teachers are likely just as frustrated with their courses as you are. From students and staff alike, I have heard a fair share of frustration and concerns with the lack of certainty with what is going on right now due to the virus, and even then that cannot be helped. 

        Now more than ever we must take advantage of any resources we have, connect to each other as much as possible, and confide in each other what we feel so we have healthy outlets of overcoming these hardships. On top of this, we cannot forget to take care of ourselves during this time. If you are feeling down, or like you are not being as productive as you “should be,” please give yourself a little kindness. Maybe you did not give as much energy as you could on that project for a class, that is okay. think about what you did give and the fact that you got everything else done. You earned that extra half an hour/hour watching Netflix or doing something you enjoy, do not overwork yourself or you will be more prone to burnout. Your productivity does not define you, and your health comes first.       

        That being said, while the world will never be the same, we know someday it can be as similar as possible, and we must hang tight with one another until that day comes. We can’t give up hope in the future, because no matter what it looks like, there will always be one.