How to Survive Being Single on Valentine's Day

     Valentine’s day is a holiday dedicated to love and relationships. While this seems like a pleasant holiday, for most single people, it is not. On Feb. 14, couples get together to celebrate their love, but to single people, it may feel as if those couples in relationships are flaunting their love. This can make Valentine’s Day seem quite depressing. Valentine’s Day may seem extra bleak this year for obvious reasons, but do not fret. Here are some tips to safely enjoy your holiday even while single and living in the midst of a pandemic. 

#1- Write a note to a friend or a family member and express your appreciation for them. You might be surprised how good this makes you feel, and it makes your loved ones happy as well. It cannot hurt to show appreciation for your friends and family, so do it!

#2- Treat yourself. It is not necessary to be in a relationship to treat yourself. Have you not worked hard enough this year? Buy yourself your favorite candy or food, and make it a calorie fest.  Maybe even create your own little at-home spa. Do what you want to do and enjoy yourself!

#3- Throw yourself a dance party. Dance parties are quite the stress reliever, as they help you to loosen up and relax a little bit. Put on some music, clear a space, and go to town! It is a guaranteed way to enjoy yourself and let go of stress.

#4- Go on a pet date. Take your dog for a walk, pet your cat, curl up on the couch with any furry friends that are a part of your family. Find something to do that is pet related; as pets are known to heighten your mood. Pets have nothing but love for you, and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about!

#5- Get things done around the house. A clean house is a clean conscience and there is no better time to do it than while you are single on a holiday meant for couples.

Hopefully these tips have helped you out somehow, and don’t forget, relationships are optional in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a holiday about love, and not just loving other people. It is about self love and relaxation as well; and these five tips will help you to do just that. Enjoy yourselves, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day.