Quarantine Survival Guide

     Have you found yourself being excruciatingly bored while stuck at home during the pandemic? If you, as well as countless others, answered yes; then this guide is just for you. Most people are not very fond of staying at home for extended periods of time, which is not surprising in the slightest; as it can be very boring and even depressing. This guide will provide you with some much needed tips and tricks to help keep yourself entertained during quarantine.

#1- Get organized. When you have this much time on your hands, even cleaning and organizing can be an escape from your reality. Sort clothes, de-clutter your home, make your living space more accessible. You will be left with a feeling of accomplishment when you are done as well as a clean room.

#2- Hone your cooking skills. Even if you are not the best cook, who cares? Start practicing, and improve your skills. Cooking is an endlessly useful skill to have, as everybody loves a good meal. By doing so, you will pass time; and get a delicious meal out of it!

#3- Connect with your inner child. Build LEGOS, have a hot wheels race, anything. Messing around with old toys can be very entertaining, and time-consuming as well. Most people still have LEGOs or some other type of toy lying around their house somewhere; and it’s about time to put them to good use. Stop trying to act grown and just play with the toys; you won’t be disappointed.

#4- Keep a journal. No matter how lame this one may sound, it truly is a good way to stay sane during the pandemic. Write down your thoughts, the events that took place that day, how you feel, anything. It’s therapeutic, and you can look back on it in the future and cringe at whatever you wrote.

#5- Call someone. You are not the only one living during these tough times; reach out to somebody. It does not matter what you talk to them about, it’s just a good way to pass the time and to catch up on each other’s lives. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family; just call them.