Gamers are getting ready to cause some god-killing mayhem with the new game “Gods Will Fall,” a fighting game all based around Celtic Mythology, which is set to be released on Jan. 29.

     The world of “Gods Will Fall” was created by ten different gods. The one similarity that binds these gods together is their cruelty and the demands of fealty they impose on humanity. Tiring of the gods' tortuous rule, mankind sends a great fleet to the island where the gods live. However, a massive storm wipes out the fleet, and only eight warriors survive to make landfall. Now, these warriors must fight their way through the realms of the gods, wipe them out, and free humanity from their cruel creators.

     This game is based around the player’s character and seven different soldiers getting ship-wrecked on the Isle of The Gods and going on a dangerous mission to kill said gods to save all of mankind. It sounds familiar, but instead of the player choosing the main character as a male or female, or allowing the player to create their ideal character, the game gives the player a randomly created soldier, with their own unique weaponry, skill set, and abilities. As an added bonus, the game changes the character the player had for every time they defeat the final boss and complete the game.

     The only DLC (downloadable content) known for this game that is playable is called “The Valley Of The Dormant Gods”. In this DLC pack, there are three new gods added to the game, new weapon classes, items, skills, overworld extras, and warrior garbs.

     One thing that the creators should have added was a way to play with friends and be able to complete the game with three other players. The creators should have also added a weapon class with a gun, or a crossbow.

     Even though it has not come out yet, it appears that it has an original idea. The game is available on The Xbox 1, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Pc, and Stadia for $24.99. The rating that this game gets in my opinion is 4.5/5 Stars.